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Machine Blood


Sanguinoleum, or Machine Blood as it is better known, is a sluggish, black liquid that leaks from machines constructed with the Old Ways. Due to its destructive nature, Sanguinoleum has very few uses other than being used as a chemical explosive.


The first records of Sanguinoleum come from the manuals of Spirian engineers during their first experimentations with Soul Works. In most cases, these engineers decided that the only safe way to handle such a chemical was to store it in large, metal barrels only to take these same barrels and burry them deep below the earth to be a problem for the Chitinfolk, not the land walkers.


Similar to the more mundane sludge that leaks from general machinery, Sanguinoleum is a complex mixture of carbon-based compounds but is infused with unstable Primal Fire and Faith by-product as a result of Soul Working.


Sanguinoleum's relation to Primal Fire and Faith makes it extremely volatile and nearly impossible to handle through magical means. When ignited, Sanguinoleum burns rapidly feeding on not only oxygen but also Primal Air and any Faith present in the area. There are no successful accounts of smothering a Sanguinoleum fire.

The Last Engine

The energy requirements of the Last Engine can not be met through burning mundane materials such as crude oil or coal. Instead, the Last Engine was constructed to successfully contain and harness the destructive nature of Sanguinoleum. Under the constant care of the Lord of the Rails, the Last Engine is capable of separating out the mundane oil, Primal Fire, and Faith elements to be used as fuel independently. This process reduces the volatile explosiveness of Sanguinoleum to controllable levels, causing only a few Railkeeper injuries per departure.

General Information

Common in Old Ways ruins, rare anywhere else.
Overwhelming acrid with a lingering scent of burning rubber.
Metallic with a gritty texture. As it is highly corrosive, tasting it is not advised.
Tar black with iridescent silver running through it under direct light.
Common State
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Deadly Aroma

Despite Sanguinoleum's acrid smell, dozens of scavengers across Hallus succumb to inhaling its toxic fumes every departure. It is considered by most more lethal than the ancient machinery it leaks out of.

Divine Oil

To the Warlocks of the Old Ways, Sanguinoleum is treated as a divine liquid and is used in several of their rituals. This is in direct contrast to the Warlocks of the Holy Light who believe Sanguinoleum to have anti-Divine properties and should be destroyed to protect the Realm.

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