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Warlocks of the Holy Light (ˈwɔːlɒks ɒv ðə ˈhəʊli laɪt)


The Warlocks of the Holy Light were founded on the single principle that only through Faith can the sun of Hallus be reignited. The official doctrine states that even if the sun was never a Divine creature of any form it is imperative that it should be made one through miraculous means. Churches to the Holy Light can be even in the most remote places of Hallus and are always seeking to recruit new souls into their number.

On the Sun

Perhaps the only group in modern Hallus to participate in Sun-Worship, the Warlocks of the Holy Light have constructed temples, churches, and shrines on every continent of Hallus to strengthen their cause. Prayers and sermons have been written to give Faith to an entity they call the Holy Light with the purpose of reigniting the sun or creating an entity to take its place.

On the Old Ways

As a major point of their doctrine, the Warlocks of the Holy Light believe that the Old Ways are directly responsible for the SunFade.

Light Through Faith

General Information

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Warlocks of the Holy Sun, Sunlocks (slang)
Related Traditions


The Warlocks of the Holy Sun were founded in 38th of SunFade by Father Lestail in Whitefodder. The first flock to follow the Father claim to have listened to his sermons deep within the prison-mines of the Depot. When released, the group declared themselves a new religion and began the systematic take-over of the city through violence and the destruction of Old Ways structures. When Father Lestail was burned for the accusation of being a Crossroad Demon in 47 SF, Father Timwald replaced him as religious leader and governor of Whitefodder.

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Aug 12, 2023 00:48 by Barron

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I love this, and the whole idea of people wanting to reignite a sun is AMAZING.

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