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Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia | Member Since 8 May, 2022
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Writer, foodie, gamer, rocket scientist. I had to give up square dancing during COVID :-(   I look for heros. I love people who have the courage to do something meaningful and useful with their lives. I know that no one is perfect and that forgiveness is necessary. I act as though every person matters and that our actions have impact in the world around us. I rest in the tenant that faith in God is the foundation of hope and the key to surviving the inevitable darkness that enters everyone's life. I seek to make the world a better place by making myself a better person and encouraging others to do so too. I know that the only meaningful measure of success in life is the content of your character. Every other measure is effected by things outside our control, but how we respond to the world around us is entirely in our own control.

Favorite TV Series

Big Bang Theory, Dead Like Me, Mom, America's Test Kitchen, Milk Street

Favorite Books

Lord of the Rings, The Belgariad & Mallorean, Foundation Series, The Corinthian, God Game, Jhereg, The Path of the Wise

Favorite Games

DnD 5en (we homebrew), FFIVX, WoW, Diablo, Rummikub