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R. R. LoreCastle

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Ashley Lywin

Book of Prophecies

2022 is behind us now, 2023 ahead...

Hey there! So happy that you've stopped by to visit! I'm an avid reader, dedicated writer, older (and younger) sister, huge fan of chocolate, dog lover through and through, as well as an aspiring author.

Favorite Books

Harry Potter, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Fablehaven, Five Kingdoms, The Mistborn Trilogy, The Stormlight Archive, Elantris

Favorite Writers

Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Mull, Rick Riordian

Favorite Games

I usually just play board games. Some of my favorites are: Legends of Andor, Bang, Mystic Vale, Villainous, Taboo, Risk, Monopoly, Pandemic, Puerto Rico, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. I also enjoy Minecraft, Undertale, Zelda: BOTW, and Minecraft: Dungeons

Latest Loved work

Marchitecture: Fill out your cities in this month long unofficial building prompt challenge!


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