Arrhynsia - World of the Adenshur Scrolls

Arrhynsia Setting of the Adenshur Scrolls

16 Finlay 2027 AH

Isolated from the rest of the planet by a deep magic laced ocean, the land of Arrhynsia was first colonized by humans five thousand years ago during the First Wave. But humans were not the first to inhabit this land. No, here in this land of magic, the gods themselves walk alongside the singers, the warriors, the builders, and the dreamers who make up the societies of this world.   Here on this unknown edge of an unnamed world, this unimportant continent Arrhynsia, is currently the most important place in the universe, not because of its location, but because of the peril that stalks it, initiated by an inconsequential trade dispute over the inconsequential raiding of an inconsequential carvan of moldy turnips and stale brown beer.   Consequences are such fickle things...     Please Note: Arrhynsia is a new world, and I am a new world builder. I welcome your input and consider it essential to making this world the best it can be!