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Spirians (spɪrˈiən)


The now extinct, genius Manfolk of Hallus.


Spirians originate from the First Engineers, a branch of the First Men. This makes them Manfolk.


  • Spirians were capable of consuming Primal Fire into themselves for later use. If done too often, a sort of metaphysical addiction forms that cannot be removed.
  • While the First Engineers were masterful engineers, it was the Spirians who perfected the Old Ways.
  • There may be a few Spirians remaining on Hallus, specifically on Spire or the Last Engine but they are considered extinct.
  • Spirians were not able to speak Hulm despite how close they are to the First Engineers. Their addiction to Primal Fire is often blamed.
  First Men > First Engineers > Spirians > Phyrians

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