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The language's history is no longer canon, but the dictionary still is.


Said to be the original language of Humans, Hulm was brought to Solith with the arrival of the First Men. The language itself is related to the creation language spoken by the Divine and bears similar, world-altering properties we know as magic. Because of this, the First Men have very little written down in their original language making it complicated to understand both their history and their culture.
Another unique trait of Hulm is that it cannot be taught and is instead suddenly and inexplicably learned by Solmites and them alone.

Language of Magic

Most magical incantations, the words said to trigger a certain magical effect, are rooted in ancient Hulm. Because of this, many scholars have tried desperately to learn the language but are unable to do more than mimic the runes that make up the Hulm alphabet. This mimicry can be found across almost every culture that has been encountered.

Cursed Tongue

With such raw magic to be found within the written and spoken form of Hulm, many Solmites have harmed or even killed themselves trying out new words. This fact has lead many Solmite cultures to teach their children the dangers of Hulm.
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General Information

Hulm can be learned only through taking the feat, First Race Heritage.
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