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Hulm Language

The first language created on Haven to use the Hulmetic alphabet, Solm is slow and detailed, yet becomes almost guttural when referencing religion. Most prevalent tomes and scrolls use it because of the exact nature of its written form.

Geographical Distribution

Solm is the primary language of the Solemn Expanse.

General Information

Root Languages
Successor Languages
Common Phrases
Does a raven lie?
A reference to the nobles of Ravenpeak and their tendency to be dishonest about most things. It is used as a response to redundant questions.
A bit Marbled
Originating from the focus on outer perfection by some followers of Telia within The City of Marble Often used when speaking about someone obsessed with their own appearance "She's a bit marbled, isn't she?"
Born Again Cultist
To the Solmite people changing religions is frowned upon. To call someone a "Born Again Cultist" means the person has switched religions, likely a cult, and shouldn't be trusted.
Prayer's Worth
To say something is a "Prayer's Worth" is to say that it may have no real value but is very valuable to you on a personal level. "That horse may be old, but it's a prayer's worth."
Common Female Names
Anneke, Ula, Malin, Kyla, Selma, Seinna.
Common Male Names
Matthias, Cynric, Colyn, Tancred, Deven, Hargrave.


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