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Skillful Zealotry

Solmites, like their First Men ancestors, are testaments to Humanity's ingenuity and its eternal quest for excellence. Their dedication to the Human endeavor makes for a people comprised almost entirely of skillful experts and unrivaled masters in their chosen pursuits. Sadly, this passionate pursuit of unparalleled prowess often warps itself into religious fervor and ardent zealotry, creating societies that exalt and even revere Humanity's greatness above all else in an attitude analogous to the Peak Elves of Ravenpeak. Their deep-seated and borderline racist belief in their superiority promotes a culture rife with isolationism and distrustful xenophobia, especially when dealing with non-manfolk sophonts.

Solmite History

Solmite history begins centuries after the First Men arrived in the Jagged Expanse, during the years of explosive growth that saw Humanity's influence stretch across all of Haven. As the First Men spread far and wide, their iron hold over their people began to waver as deviations and divisions rose among Humanity. When Argous and Urlog Ascended and founded the blessed City of Marble, it represented an irreversible divide amongst Humanity. As new gods took root in Haven, the old guard could no longer maintain their absolute rule over Humanity and its worship. Though their Solmite progeny clung to their ancient First Men ancestry, they were no longer slaves to it and developed into a strong and independent people. Honor did not drive them, nor did their survival, but their quest for Human excellence became the cornerstone of their existence. They alone would bring back the glory of Humanity's legendary past, to rise above even the shadowed tales of Godking Awarnach. In this new land, on this strange continent, they vowed to thrive and become the greatest of all sophontic life. This greatness would not be written in myths and fables but would be carved into the very earth and etched into its many peoples' hearts.
Found predominantly in the Solemn Expanse, Solmites live in isolated groups united by a shared past and their desire for success. The resource scarcity and widespread danger present in their home expanse only further enhance the Solmites' near biological drive towards isolationism and fosters their deep distrust towards other sophonts. Their crusade for domination over Haven saw the rise of vast cities, the likes of which the continent had never seen before, which plundered the land and displaced its native peoples. The City of Marble is the greatest of these cities and houses the largest population of Solmites on the continent, as the White Flame's most devoted followers. These Solmites are praised for their ingenuity and zealotry, molded by Telia in Argous' image as his chosen people. Within the safety of the Marble City's walls, the gods foster art and philosophy among the population alongside their zealous and even fanatical faith. For centuries before The Rebirth, these Solmites needlessly slaughtered Beastfolk for sport. They were the chief cause of the Solemn Expanse's ecological collapse before the horror of the Wendigos' Attack and The Rebirth saw them put an end to their horrid traditions and centuries of isolationism.
Meanwhile, at the heart of industry in Seawatch, Solmites traded their religious fervor for a clinical pursuit of scientific progress. A philosophy rooted in an immoral form of mathematics that permits even the most heinous and foul of acts so long as it is in the name of scientific progress or a perceived greater good. This immorality has allowed magical and mundane research to thrive in the city, leading to breakthroughs that allowed for everything from the industrial-production of Blackstone Vestiges to the complex canal works that now cover the areas surrounding The Abyss. Similarly, the Solmite pioneers of Shardholm shed their faiths in favor of a greater common good, founding a city that has become home to the second-largest population of Solmites on Haven. They followed the greatest among them to salvation, holding fast to a strong sense of moral values that unified these Humans beneath their shared burdens and through the interconnected web of relations that bind the Shards as one. The Rebirth has allowed these Solmites to spread Lady Holm's influence over nearly half the Verdant Expanse, creating the sovereign Shardlands.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
50 years old, reaching maturity around 16.
Average Height
5 and a half to just over 6 feet tall.
Average Weight
160 pounds.
Related Ethnicities
Male Names
Ademir, Celius, Eric, Esra, Kaeso, Quintus, Colyn, Godfrey, Desmond, Primus, Vicente, Lucus, Artur, Gaius, Canus, Xavier.
Female Names
Anneke, Camelia, Tessa, Matilda, Kyla, Lillian, Ellisa, Sienna, Rosana, Octavia, Ariana, Maria, Susana, Julie, Calista, Sarah.
Ancestral Names
Forgeblight, Adekir, De Tavera, Ironwrought, Devaehi, De Southshard, Swiftblade, Desvid, De Kriev, Halfmarrow, Xaval, De Vera, Wightcaller, Celibeth, De Chasm, Prideeye, Privin.

Naming Schemes

Solmites traditionally steep their names in ritual and ancestral pride. They adopt or adapt their first names from their parents or grandparents to honor those who came before them. Meanwhile, a Solmite's ancestral name comes from the melding of their father's name with that of their closest First Men ancestor. They create these names by taking the first syllable of their father's name, followed by their ancestor's last syllable. Solmites who do not know their fathers or whose families have not tracked their lineage instead use personalized names starting with the nomenclature De followed by a location picked for its particular individual significance. Many have begun to abandon this archaic naming system for the more straightforward method normally used among the Verdites.


Solm is the native tongue of the Solmite people and is believed to be the first language developed on Haven to use the Hulmetic alphabet. Solm is a highly structured language that serves as the common tongue for scholars and priests alike.


Solmites descend from the proud bloodlines of the original First Men settlers with few taints or deviations. They stand as paragons of Human purity and its drive towards excellence, and as such, they lack the diversity found in other branches of Humanity. Dark hair and even darker eyes are the hallmarks of all Solmites, contrasting against their smooth, olive-colored skin. They usually dress in elaborate ankle-length robes or well-tailored, form-fitting outfits often colored in some fashion with vibrant dyes created from Haven's abundant natural world. Solmites also rarely go without shoes and view them as symbols of their people's civilized nature; even their peasants will go to great lengths to acquire and care for a pair, believing it to be taboo to walk barefoot in public.
Additionally, Solmites are the tallest Humanity has to offer on Haven, averaging around six feet tall. They are made to appear only taller by their proud, straight-backed posture that befits their noble lineage and demands respect. Their stern, even stoic features serve to accentuate their noble pedigree with chiseled expressions and an every-present dignified demeanor. Thus among Manfolk, many regard Solmites to be one of the most beautiful sophonts on the continent as they are full of a fierce, radiant beauty usually only seen among the and the Blessed.

Traditionalists and Fanatics

When creating a Solmite, remember that deep-set traditions and fanatical beliefs guide your people. Cemented by generations of myths and teachings, your stubborn world views make up the foundation of your reality. They respect their ancestors, for their knowledge is not merely chronicled in histories but is immortalized in fabled legends and treasured traditions. How do you cling to the past? Who are your ancestors? What gives you strength? And what terrors do you fear?


Solmite society is as varied as the appearance of Humanity but grounds itself in honored traditions, fabled histories, and a strong sense of common values. In Seawatch, this is seen in a stubborn Human population devoid of morals and driven towards progress at any cost. Solmites begrudgingly work alongside the Udirkith, dominating a city commanded by mastery of the arcane art and scientific prowess. They build upon the success of those that came before, honoring the past's accomplishments in vast libraries of unparalleled knowledge and fearing only the loss of these troves of information. In the theocratic streets of the City of Marble, Solmites dwell as the chosen sons and daughters of the White Flame. Born prodigies and eager to be of service, these fanatical Humans dominate a society guided by skilled artisans and zealous theologians. They dedicate their very lives and their bloodlines to the worship and glorification of these gods, fearing only the downfall of what they believe to be the most magnificent city on all of Haven.
Many Solmites have migrated south to the Verdant Expanse over Humanity's centuries of colonization. You can find the largest of these groups in the unified tributaries of Shardholm, where Solmites bloodlines live intertwined with one another as the Shardlands' stalwart defenders since the dawn of the region's Human occupation. They live in service of the great common good and believe that their city will thrive and grow to radiant magnificence through cooperation alone. Fear of outside threats drives them to push against the other that encroach on the Shardlands with vicious furocity. Graystone and Ravenpeak house many outcast Solmites and bloodlines shunned from their communities, allowing them to assimilate into their own communities while maintaining their philosophy of achieving excellence in their chosen path.

Solmite Families

It is very rare to find a Solmite orphaned and without family. A vast web of blood relations connects a Solmite to their kin, and thus a Solmite is rarely alone in this world. Many Solmite families live close to their kin, living under one roof or taking over entire streets to house their large interconnected families. It is not unheard of for a Solmite to find at least one distant cousin or uncle living in just about any of Haven's , and nearly impossible for them to be devoid of relations within those dominated by Solmites.

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Author's Notes

Solmite names are loosely based around Roman names, preferring some of their more short and punchy names.

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