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Region of the Verdant Expanse


Under the political control of Shardholm this region has been conqured by the ideals of safety, principle, and order. Dangerous beasts have been driven out, the ruins have been cleansed of curses and traps, and the land itself has been tamed. The Shardlands represent the way Haven could be, if ruled by wisdom and justice.


Made up of rolling hills broken by thousands of small rivers leaking from the Shardtooth Range, the region is difficult to traverse but perfect for farming plants that require water-rich soil and lots of sunlight.

Elemental Range

History states that before Lady Holm decided to build her settlement in the Western portion of the Verdant Expanse, she first wandered the lands speaking with the Centaurs that roamed the land and learned their ways. With the knowledge she earned by the Beastfolk of Venarus, she spent years carefully desrupting the Elemental Cabals so they no longer had control of the region that would become the Shardlands.


With little in the way of predators remaining, the Shardlands have become rich with horses, lowlands deer, bovines, and other large herbivores. Only a few remaining lion prides remain as large carnivores in the entire region. Even the infamous Snickerfang Hyenas that plagued the area during the Fall have been pushed further East. Various deadly reptiles, bugs, and smaller mammals still pose a threat to folk who leave the protection of their Shards.


Like the Verdant Plains beside it, the Shardlands are dominated by tall grasses, small groves of ancient trees, and seasonal plants that grow during the dry season only to be washed away by the rain months later. But what makes Shardlands different from other regions is the immense variety in farmland that dominates much of the landscape. The various Shards, and Shardholm itself, have all been partially dedicated to maintaining grand, season-resistant farms that are responsible for feeding most of Haven.


Created by Lady Holm in 7 of Fall as a means to organize her growing nation, the Shardlands once represented the Western half of the Verdant Plains. At its creation, the Shardlands were nearly indestinguishable from the Verdant Plains but after years of careful cultivate and rampant settling of Shards the region now has a distinct feel and geography. Under Lady Holm's direct guidance the Elementals that call the region home have become docile, almost tamed, in comparision to the rest of the Verdant Expanse. Because of how successful they have been controlled, many rumors of Lady Holm being a Tuatha or Faefolk have spread throughout Haven.


  • Shardlands
    A region of the Verdant Expanse encompassing the lands West of Grinwalde and South of Farknell.

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Western Verdant
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