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WillNot Beast


Originally a tale told by the children of the Shardlands, the WillNot beast is a massive, starving creature of pure rage. How it went from a children's fable to a living creature is unknown to the people of Haven but the blame is often directed at the Divine or some corrupt Magi.
The intended message of the WillNot Beast was to explain to children that wandering the wilderness alone is a good way to get eaten, as it "WillNot care about your cries". This message was reinforced during the Fall when the original Unfallen roamed the lands constantly searching for fresh meat to consume. Today, the WillNot Beast is rarely spoken of to children to avoid summoning the Beast to the settlement.

Summoned Horror

Speaking the name of the WillNot Beast can summon it to your settlement, but only if it is spoken to a child that believes in the creature. Many parents explain at an early age that the WillNot Beast is just a fairy tale to help prevent this but mistakes often happen. Once summoned, the WillNot Beast stalks the outskirts of the settlement until it can convince a child, using the voice of their parents, to wander off alone to be devoured by the Beast.

Proof of Existance

It is not uncommon for the WillNot Beast to torment the parents of the child it is attempting to trick and consume. It is able to mimic voices, noises, and even use minor spellcraft to hunt. Several Shards have requested aid from Shardholm to deal with the beast, but by the time help arrives the child is most likely already missing.
Write the actual tale about the WillNot Beast.

General Information

Geographic Distribution
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Jul 5, 2020 02:04 by Dani

I love how it was meant as a warning, but then somehow BECAME....and now parents have to do the opposite of creating a fictional being to get their children to behave. In using the disclaimer that it's a fairy tale, it sort of takes the teeth out of the warning/fable------except that it's really REAL, so if your kid has a vivid imagination or is trying to creep out their friends with it around the campfire, ghost-story-style...someone's gettin' eaten. XD

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Now with serialized fiction on Ream!!
Aug 16, 2021 19:29

Should it be a tale told TO children, not a tale told BY children?

Jan 9, 2022 00:06

Love the notes of "write this out" btw. But, the idea of a beast of Fairy Tale coming to life is an amazing idea. I love the concept of "The Boogeyman will come get you! Wait, it really did? uh-oh".

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