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Mindless Unfallen


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After the Fall of Lady Death nothing on Haven has been the same. Creatures that die are given a second life full of hatred and hunger. These unliving creatures, known as Unfallen, gather in hordes to hunt those that still live, feeding on anything in their path. Armies rise up against the hordes in the name of the living, but many fall just to join their ranks.

How to tell the dead apart

The hordes of unliving creatures that now roam Haven are unlike any previously known. While the distinction between an undead and an Unfallen is barely noticeable to an untrained eye, the difference is very important.


Undirected Hunger

When out of the direct control of their creators, the undead are mindless creatures of hunger. It is rare for an undead to leave its origin point, instead, they are found wandering a small area following any sounds they hear.

Mindless Hordes

In large groups, Undead seem to be more restless but gain no additional benefits. The larger numbers make them harder to deal with but can lead them to bump into each other making it hard to travel quickly.


Hungry Packs

Unfallen seem to have a natural tendency to seek out other Unfallen and form groups. Because of this, finding a singular Unfallen is extremely uncommon.

Swarm Behavior

The more Unfallen gathered in a spot the more dangerous they get. In large numbers, they seem to have a predatory intelligence about them that makes it difficult to escape. In the few times that their numbers have reached hundreds, specific Unfallen have gained a semblance of being sapient.

General Information

There has been no documentation of Unfallen dying from age.

The End of Wars

It has been over forty years since the last war. No one dares risk to create a new horde of battle-trained Unfallen. However, the foolishness of the living has not lead to a true end of violence as raids and skirmishes are still commonplace outside of the capitals.

Proper Corpse Disposal

As was discovered in the earliest years of the Unfallen plague, there is only one way to truly put the dead to rest: fire. Many contest and bicker over precisely why spirits do not raise from burned corpses but it holds no real importance. After death, there is a short window of time wherein the Unfallen spirit may be destroyed only during this time of transition, while it remains trapped in a mortal form.

Types of Unfallen


Common Zombie

As the name suggestions, when encountering an Unfallen you are most likely to run directly into a Zombie. The bulk of these creatures are Humans, Dwarves, and Elves but can also be seen as several of the different Greenfolk and even Sirenas.
They are easily dispatched but have a tendency to come in groups of 10 to 20 makes things rather difficult. Common Zombies can also be quickly swarmed up to become much more threatening.


Simply any physical Unfallen that is nearly nonfunctioning from damage, age, or both. Dealing with them is easy and they are rarely found in large groups.

Grasping Zombie

A constant threat to sailors, Unfallen Sirenas retain their ability to swim and can be seen pulling people from their ships into the cold, darkness of the sea. It is unknown if other Merfolk can retain their swimming ability.

Magi Zombie

Normally, to encounter an Unfallen with the ability to wield magic requires a fairly large swarm. However, there are issues when a Sorcerer dies and returns. With their magic being based on natural abilities and talent, they are often able to cast spells even in undeath.

Swarming Zombie

Also known as Sadrot Plagues, there are massive swarms of 20-30 Goblin Unfallen that can be found throughout the Parched Expanse. These swarms seem unable to gain much more than predatory intelligence by are dangerous due to their sheer numbers.

Hulking Unfallen

The larger species capable of turning Unfallen have been categorized as Hulking to better explain how much damage they will be able to do to buildings. They seem to almost instinctually target structures with their brutish strength.

Centauric Unfallen

Unique due to their 4-legged nature, Centaur Unfallen are amazingly effective at hunting down prey.

Beastial Unfallen

Most Beastfolk are excellent hunters and trackers in life. This rarely fails to transfer into unlife making them excellent scouts and stalkers for Unfallen Hordes.


It is unknown the origin of Ghasts other than only being found alongside other Unfallen, these vile creatures are known for their paralytic saliva they transfer through saliva-tipped claws and long, snake-like tongues.


Warped by their environment, these specialized forms of Unfallen are common in dark places. It is believed these creatures are formed due to the Tabaxi’s climbing ability.


Champions of the Unfallen cause, these sentient Unfallen are brutal in combat and often hunted by Gravehunters in large groups to take down a single Blackguard. They speak in Gravetongue nearly constantly.

Crypt Crawlers

Found only in places of previous Necrotic magic, Crypt Crawlers are Unfallen with a physical nature more akin to a liquid than a creature. Able to slip through cracks and slide along the earth silently, they are one of the major causes of Gravehunter deaths in Haven.

Unfallen Golem

Masterful creations of sentient Unfallen, these hulking monstrosities are formed together through stitching and magically wielding several Unfallen together into a single body. They are seemingly used to protect valuable locations.



When the corpse of an Unfallen is not dealt with quickly or is butchered violently, its spirit can release in a fit of rage. Nearly always hostile, Ghosts are the bane of a budding Gravehunter that hasn’t earned an enchanted weapon.


Those who die in brutal combat and are left to fester, rise as wrathful spirits of torment.


Taking the form of injured women or children, the Banshee's purpose is to lull you into sadness so that you are easily dispatched by another Unfallen. Many Gravehunters are trained to be emotionally detached due to them.


Sentient Unfallen that originate from powerful magi or massive hordes grouping together. They cast spells often themed by their environment or school mastery in life.


Unliving souls that are used to cast devastating spells by Wraiths.


Creatures who are left to rot, trapped in forgotten places will rise as Shades intent on killing the living.


Blighted Zombie

Those that die by the Blight come back as a strengthed form of Unfallen that are smarter, faster, and stronger.


When the spirits of many unfallen are trapped within a single tomb, their anguish can bring life to the very ground around them. Animating into a hulking giant of earth, stone, and corpses; this behemoth is a backbone to larger unfallen forces.

Twisted Effigy

The dead, allowed to congregate and grow will force bone and flesh in ways it was never meant to be. A true creature of necromantic artistry this work of death begets new and terrible life. Each Twisted Effigy is often unique for the situation the unfallen wish to solve.

Grave Courier

The children and the fleet-footed must be burned, less they raise as swift fiends to overwhelm and overrun. They are dangerous and capable of running much faster than the average Unfallen but pay for it with fragile bodies.


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