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This viscous, green liquid has the properties not only to kill nearly anything it touches but also the ability to quickly transform them into Blighted Unfallen. While its origin is well known, research on the liquid has been slow over the years due to its volatile nature. What little is known about it is locked away in the libraries of Seawatch.


Material Characteristics

Blight is a thick, green liquid that is often hot to the touch. It seems to constantly be in motion as it bubbles and gurgles for no apparent reason. When left alone for long enough gaseous tendrils seem to "reach out" towards the sky.

Origin & Source

Blight seems to originate solely from the city of Scourge and in large amounts.

General Information

Almost sulpheric but with a tinge of sweet like decaying meat.
No one has been stupid enough to taste it.
Dark, muddy green.
Common State
Liquid, but crystallized versions have been reported.
Related Locations
Blight kills instantly on touch.


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