Several years before the Fall, the Western coast of the Verdant Expanse was settled by dozens of fishing and farming villages. These villages called themselves the "Shards" due to being under a collective, but fairly loose, government. It wasn't until a few years after the Fall of Lady Death that these Shards joined together under a new leader to form the capital of Shardholm.
Today, Shardholm is known as the last haven within Haven. Under the guidance of Queen Holm, the capital constructed massive walls, formed the most impressive navy known to modern Haven, and managed to maintain steady trade of both goods and food. The only sacrifice Queen Holm asks of her people is to set aside their beliefs and instead rely on each other to survive.
Safety in numbers. That is the mindset of Shardholm, the last "safe" place within Haven. They saw the world falling apart and decided working together might just be the way to survive this mess. So that's what they did. First, they made their walls big and strong, then they built a bunch of big and sturdy houses. Soon enough everyone that once lived outside of Shardholm now had a place to call home in safety. Let's keep it that way.
— Captain Grend Cloudshout, First-Lady of her Majesty's Navy

Guilds and Factions

Her Lady's Military

Keepers of law and defenders of Shardholm, Her Lady's Military encompasses all of Shardholm's military force from her Majesty's Knights to the lowly footmen. They make sure the many laws of Shardholm are inforced, but more importantly, that no outside force harm the Queen or her people.

Shardholm Navy

The most feared naval force within Haven, the Shardholm Navy has made sure that no other outside force can attack from the seas. Though Shardholm has a strict anti-religious policy for both its navy and military, many members of the Shardholm Navy are devoted followers of Shadiym, believing that through the worship of the Great Leviathan they can be the storms that ruin their enemies.
After the disaster in 78th of Fall, much of the Shardholm Navy was ruined. Due to the Unfallen plague making trade across land nearly impossible, it will likely take them several years to rebuild the might they once had.


As the only religious organization allowed within Shardholm, the purpose of the Zephyrites are to give faith to Shadiym so that Shardholm will be spared his yearly wrath. They use fear to spread their faith throughout Shardholm so that the city gives faith in the name of the Great Leviathan. Much of their numbers are made up of Tritons and Verdites.

Rotwood Rats

A barely functioning gang running out of the Inner Dockside. They are known for their cruel initiation practices of half-drowning those that wish to join. Her Lady's Military would have the citizens believe they are no threat, but those that work the docks know how dangerous these drugged up psychos can be at night.

Gravehunter's Guild

The Gravehunter's who call Shardholm their home are sworn to protect the Queen and her people and are considered a branch of Her Lady's Military. After the destruction of the Gravehunter's capital Gravehall within Graystone's in 78th of Fall, Shardholm is on its way to becoming the newest capital of the Guild.

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  • Map of Shardholm

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Fort Holm (Archaic), Queen's Haven (Poetic)
Around 20,000. Likely plenty more.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Verdant Expanse
Included Locations
Lady Holm


  • Verdite: 35%.
  • Solmite: 29%.
  • Mountain Dwarf: 11%.
  • Triton: 9%.
  • Blackhill Dwarf: 8%.
  • Various Beastfolk: 6%.
  • Other: 2%.

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