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Nestled quietly against the Resting River the farming village of Restbrook has found little in the way of troubles since being reclaimed from the Unfallen plagues of old. Despite being the furthest Shard from the capital of Shardholm many of the inhabitants still remain fiercely loyal to Shardholm and the teachings of Lady Holm.

History of Restbrook

For such a small settlement, Restbrook has a deep and complex history comparable to that of even a Capital city. Despite my efforts at collecting the history of this Shard I still feel as if I am missing a few key events. If you happen to find any physical information regarding the Shard, such as journals, books, or even reports, please let me know.
— Librarian Argin Stoutmoon to Bastien Tredantes
Founding of Oger Azin - 8317 of Eld
Originally founded by a group of Dwarvish researchers, the purpose of Restbrook (Then known as Oger Azin) was to study the source of the Resting River and to establish relations with growing Capital of Ravenpeak. During this time, a great deal of the land around the river was displaced and a bit of tunnelwork was done to make the Dwarvish settlers feel at home. These tunnels can still be access today located around the Corpsedirt Farm.

Research Runs Dry - 8321 of Eld
In only 5 years, the research on the Resting River becomes futile. From the scattered notes I have from events so long ago, I believe they intended to use the source of the river as some form of power source. I am unsure on what methods they may have meant for this, however, I do know that their plans failed. It was by this time that the settlement began to take up farming as a means of income rather than external funding.

Abandonment - Around 8330 of Eld
I am unable to find an exact date on when Oger Azin was abandoned by its Dwarvish settlers but I believe the cause was their inexperience with the seasonal changes of the Verdant Expanse. With the rainy season wiping away their hard work every year, it is understandable why they would come to the conclusion that the small settlement just was not worth it. The leadership of the town made sure they destroyed most of the settlement's defensible structures so that it would never be used against them. Luckily for us, they left the bridge and our well.

Elvenkyne Inhabitance - Around 8615 of Eld
From a journal I acquired off a Gravehunter as payment for damages to my person, I was able to find out that this city was briefly inhabited by a group of banished Elvenkyne Magi for about a year and a half. This journal is actually what led me to this place, to study its deep history and figure out what kept drawing in so many different factions. It surely was not as simple as location.

Moeh Vait - Sometime between 8840 to 8860 of Eld
Sometime around 8840 to 8860, Ravenpeak grew curious of the settlement still known as Oger Azin. The original Dwarvish settlers who kept vigorious notes and preserved them within the libraries of Graystone, but these scouts from Ravenpeak left me little to study and most dates were purposefully ruined forcing me to guess. That aside, it is during this time thatt Oger Azin was renamed to Moeh Vait by the Peak Elf settlers that claimed the ruins in the name of Ram.

Secrets Lost - Sometime between 8887 of Eld
The one date I was able to acquire was when Ram's church gave up the land. My High Elvish is rusty, especially from this period, but the documents clearly stated that the place was "Haunted by it's past beyond repair", and because of this they were forced to leave. I will note that it is around this time that Ram may have started capturing the Archangels of Lady Death so his followers may have had little time for running small hamlets.

Restbrook at Last - 8983 of Eld
Under the guidance of then Lady Holm, rather than Queen, the fallen village of Moeh Vait was renamed to Restbrook and filled with farmhands. It is not unusual that our Lady had such a direct hand in the founding as many Shards have similar history. The PlotHearth Church was built to bridge the divide between the followers of Ram and the growing faith of Rona. Together, priests and farmyands wrangled the area around the village into suitable farmland.

The Fall - 9009 of Fall
Like all of the villages, cities, and hamlets seeded across the Verdant Expanse by Lady Holm, Restbrook was evacuated quickly during the Fall. Despite the dangerous presented by the Unfallen plague, a few members of Restbrook remained. Most notably Selen Bras and the family of Sir Rotwood. The believed that maintaining the town was of more importance than their own lives.

A New Shard - 9084 of Rebirth
And the rest of my knowledge is rather modern history. Restbrook was properly established as a Shard of Shardholm shortly after things began to settle down. Many were suprised to find it in as good of condition as it was found, but we have Selen Bras to thank for this.



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8317 Eld
Around 70
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