Lady Holm

Knight of the People

Her Lady Holm


In her impeccable strategy and glorious wisdom, Lady Holm runs the capital of Shardholm with an iron-gloved fist and a few delicate touches. Unlike the leadership of most capitals, the Lady Holm is both respected and loved by her people. She has proven time and time again that she will put Shardholm's well-being above anything. Even the Gods.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

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General Information

Currently Held Titles
Ocean blue.
Nearly black with a great deal of length and little in the way of curls.
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Related Myths

Quick Notes

  • Lady Holm has ran the capital of Shardholm since its reformation in 6th of Fall.
  • Most of the First Men Knights had a form of immortality, Lady Holm is no different.

Articles under Lady Holm

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