Narti's Puzzlebox


Told primarily in the various taverns of Shardholm, Narti's Puzzlebox is a crude tale inspired by Lady Holm's first encounter with the Elvenkyne just as they had escaped the dreaded Wyld. The tale has suffered suprisingly little variation over the years and is known by anyone native to Shardholm.

The Tale

The story starts from the perspective Lady Holm who had been tasked with investigating the jungle on the far Eastern edge of the Verdant Expanse. The speaker then says a few of the day to day tasks of Lady Holm, such as "fucking around in the woods" or "researching better ways to deal with annoying bunkmates".
The next stage of the tale quickly, and often in a comedic fashion, switches to the first group of Elvenkyne to cross into the Verdant Expanse. The Elves approach the group of First Men and demand gold, jewels, food, and booze. Suprised by the sudden intruders, Lady Holm, would state back that they would be given these things only if they gave her a gift first.
In return, the tallest and fairest of the group, grins at the Lady and agrees, handing her a Puzzlebox. Thinking it a potentially powerful relic, written all over in various languages, Lady Holm graciously takes the puzzlebox and supplies the Elvenkyne with plenty to eat and drink.
The speaker then takes liberty with the tale, explaining various tasks that Lady Holm partakes to appease the Puzzlebox such as eating bugs, traveling backwards up a mountain, or making love to an Elf. At the end of the tale, the speaker explains that the Puzzlebox opens up to reveal nothing more than a dull, unenchanted ring of nearly no value.

The Puzzlebox

According to the histories maintained by the Shardholm Museum, Lady Holm did acquire a Puzzlebox from Narti but it does not have any records stating why she was given the gift. Opening the Puzzlebox was prioritized by Lady Holm and consumed nearly 7 years of her life.

Puzzles Lost

The current holder of the Puzzlebox is unknown after a theft in the year 8993 of Eld. Many gossipers blame Ravenpeak but some of Shardholm's less trusting individuals blame the City of Marble.
Earning the trust of the Shardholm Museum is required to know this secret.
There is 1 secret on this page.

General Information

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Box of Languages

Lady Holm learned the following languages while unlocking the Puzzlebox.
  • Eld
  • High Elvish
  • Common Elvish
  • Terran
  • Sylvan

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