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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a myth or legend relating to a famous, long-lost item.
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The Seven Saints and the Three False Kings

The Pestilence King's Crown

How RIth Acquired The Belt of Nagard

Myth of the Deck of Altered Fates

Legends Of The Dawnstar Shield

The Dance of Claw and Tooth

The Curse of the Sacred Crialium Stone

Schriftrollen der Kol'dar

The Glorious Vulkenar Telescope

Legend of the Lifeblood Grimoire

The endless flame of Ashil

Hitaþrymja, la hacedora de leyendas

The Legend of Bezear's Shield

The Cuff of Captain Artemis

Rod of the Sundering Tsunami

Disappearance of the Declaration

Wo A'aru Weroo Ya: King and Time

Whaugh Thazar, Forge Hammer of Whymnír.

The Curse of the Goner Crown

The Myth of The Lost Lord and The Deck of Many Things

The Lost Crown of Kaldaria

The Ngwànglongweiyinoy of Yokinzei

Legend of the Draith Amulet

The Shirt of the Iron Lion

Gadikios Asturanas - The Chalice of the Soul

Enchanted Webley Revolver

The Missing Key to the Lost Temple

The Lost World of Shalimar and the coming of the Icehearth to Meaghana

Aminade and the Silver Torc of Bau

Die Geschichte des Glasbläsers

The Burning Heart and the Void Blade

Leo'adeptum, Infamous blade of Charlemagne

The Legend of the Circlet of Divinity

The Balroian Heart and the Catalyst War

The Writings of Tzuljin the Wanderer

Bag of Holding (Artifact of Elas)

The Legend of Lost Comb of Queen Layarna

Kundalir : l'épée perdue

The Grimoire of Morgausa Darkeye

The making of the Medallion of Winter and the destruction of the BeastMen

The Ever-Flame of Aphelia

The Lost Writings of Petra Lakatos

Serpentbane: Wand of Hashesa

The Chaos Demon Scroll ( The Scroll of Ixonal )

The Kantele of Valtamerimies

Origins of the Free States of Farore

The Myth of The Shroud of Hollows

Pandora's Box and the Birth of Evil

How Filibert Hopesinger Prevented a War

Tale of Two Priestesses of Spark

The Veil's of Hades and Hyrsam

The Songs of the Forgotten Flower

The Forging of Avistar's Crown

The Holyar'den - A child's parable.

The Myth of the Chalice of Everlasting Life

The Myth of The Shadow Blade

The Death of Coryduin and Kotzuiyrn

Damarand, the dragontail's blade

The Harpoon that killed the Spike Lord

The Disc - A Mysterious Relic of the Pre-Gardens Era

The Breaking of Zetzwarian

Edrin Theoril and the Palewood Wendigo

The All-Father and the Sunblade

The Myth behind the Bowl of the Healer

The Tale of Treachery and Betrayal

Dragon Lance of Glamora

The Cooking Pot of Nebaurd Screwgrinder

The Trident of the Deep, a Gadallatha Legend

The Trials of Feranor and the Shaping of Dal'Caeran

Minakerinvu-Hcelanten Yakin-misurandis Hitunor

Was the long lost Atakiri Muramasa sword found in a rummage sale?

Le gantelet perdu dans les profondeurs

The Location of the lost Mysticete Harp

The Lost Treasure of Elisabeth Saltfroid IV

The Legend of the Chalice of Gherhart Most Gruesome

The Legend of Queen Andra's Necklace

The story of the Sephter of Horus

The Saga of Freyr’s Lost Sword

The Warrior from the Apex of the Sun

The Legend of the Lost Lamp of Sariel

The Design Manual - Design of Companion Links: Practice and Theory

The Disappearance of Virginia Bleek

The Myth of the Bracelets of Hixagi & Qula

Why Are There Many Planes of Existence?

The Treasure of Cumpen Bafflestone

La Spire Perdue d'Und le Guide

The Legend of The Dragon Staff [WASC2020]

Amgelu's Blade: Fact or Fiction?

The Battle of Stag's Tomb and the Disappearance of Terras' Perfect History

Prompt 1: The Tale of the Shattered Eye

The Adventures of Delver Orlin Briros