The Lost Forge

How can someone loose entire forge?
The Dragonfire Forge was built all the way back before the Miylain Elder wars in the earlier eras of Miyla. The forge was built into a volcano and near a lay line. The magic of the forge was said to make any normal weapon into something that was as strong as dragon bone. The Miylain Elders built the forge with the help of some dragons to encourage people to stop trying to rob dragon burial sites.   The forge was lost during the wars between the dragons and the Miylain Elders. Some say that the forge was destroyed and others believe that the Elders were somehow able to move the forge. Still, some believe that the Elders were somehow able to make the forge vanish into thin air. The only thing that we do know is that most treasure hunters who go looking for the forge come back empty-handed if they come back at all.


The story of the Dragonfire Forge starts with how and when it was built. The forge was built during a time of peace between the Winged Dragons and Miylain Elders. The forge was carved from the mountainside of a volcano near a magically lay line or nexus point.   The forge was used to craft many unique weapons and armor. Many of which have their own myths and legends about them. In time the forge was deemed too dangerous by the dragons and was one of the reasons that caused the dragons and the Elders to fight.   The forge then simply vanished into history, legend, and myth. It was thought of as nothing more than an artifact of an ancient world. Even to this day, the forge is hunted by treasure hunters trying to carve their own name into history.

Variations & Mutation

There are a few different variations of the legend of the forge. The first main variations are which drain flight helped int eh building of the forge. Every flight claims to have helped in the forges building. This does not narrow down where the forge is since there are mountains everywhere in Miyla.   The next variation is on how the forge vanished. There are three different telling and some of the tellings are more popular than others. The first telling claims that the dragons destroyed the forge. This is possible since the forge was made with dragon fire. Only dragon fire can undo what as made by dragon fire. The second tellin is the Elders made the forge vanish or they moved it to a different place. This is one version that is popular with treasure hunters. The third telling claims that the forge is still where it was built. That it is just being protected by wards and other magic that make it hard to find.
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