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Miyla (ˈmijla)

The dragon world is where magic flows freely with little to no restrictions on it. The Dragons keep the portals open allowing travel to the other worlds that is quick and safe for a fee. All travel to and from Earth is prohibited by all Dragon Flights.


Miyla is the Dragon World and is a nexus of magic that allows travel to the other worlds Earth, Shinia, and Dolwen which is why events like War of the Worlds and The Refugee Crisis.  Due to this Miyla has Magical Storms and some places such as The Waves don't behave like a normal mountain range. There are several countries within Miyla and each country has different geography throughout. So, it's time to take a tour through Miyla's countries and break down the world into some easier chunks.

Bridt Sche

Bridt Sche is the country that the Black Wing Flight rules. The current capital of Bridt Sche is Nyiltokti which is with a small valley by the sea called Nyiltokti Valley which was believed to have been created through one of the Miylian Meteors. The country is surrounded by oceans with one land border which comes in the form of The Waves separating Bridt Sche from Tuzæksoskī which has been an enemy of Bridt Sche.   Bridt Sche has had one previous capital Ubudongiu which was razed by a Black Dragon shortly after Nyiltokti was built. Not many people were hurt or killed inside Ubudongiu because most had moved to Nyiltokti. The razing happened when Tialímin and Raolegi betrayed House Briknomm which also caused the house to be forgotten or pushed to the side. The betrayal was bad and off set the government of Bridt Sche which House Briknomm was as the theocracy. The new government made Nyiltokti the new capital and Bridt Schtricksüker ruled as gerontocracy where the different Dragon Houses were the only ones that could hold property. Laws that Briknomm created were Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng which is also called the Hoarding Laws. These laws helped create Kruchs Kottser which was need when the mortal races started to move to Miyla so escape their homeworlds.   The Waves no longer nestle the thriving city of Ubudongiu but the ruins were not left there to rot completely. Bridt Schtricksüker's new Portal Master, Soül of the newly created House Soyla, rebuilt the outskirts as the town of Tichenfdt Ronnts which focused on farming and tourism to The Waves. However, the rest of the city was left to rot and tourists and townspeople were all forbidden from entering the city. The only building that isn't rotting is Knochdt Fodt where Nach Fodt still lives. The house belongs to his Dragon House and due to his friendship with Soül Nach was allowed to still live there. Although the city is off limits Tichenfdt Ronnts is still able to survive as a tourist town because of The Waves by offering tours and transporting goods through the mountains. This is important because flying over the mountains is off limits because of how unstable the mountains. One of the attractions is of a dragon skeleton inside the a moutian serving as a reminder to not fly over the mountains. The most dangerous attaracton on the trade route is the Court of the Spider Queen a cave in the mountains where the Drider are from. Entering the cave is forbidden because the Drider will kill anyone who enters and is not invited by the Spider Queen.   The other city in the Knomm Grähi region which was and still is important to a lesser degree was Dudt Ronnts which is in a cove by The Waves. The city was one of the few places where the Miylian Elders stayed after Miylian War when the Elves fled Miyla. The city holds many mysteries and is believed to be the oldest place to still follow Ci Scá Múnt who worship Fa Geinn. Rumor has it that at the base of one of the cliffs is a Shrine of the Bhoa dru Durá a religious monument to the Bhoa dru Durá cult which didn't have a lot of records.   The other important city within Bridt Sche is Schproülaudt Schtrücker which is also with a crator made by another meator within the plains of the country. The city is known for its entertainment and is famous for its Theatre.


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