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Tialímin (ˈtʲiəɫiːɛɲ)

Guide to the Afterlife Tialímin Briknomm (a.k.a. God of Funerals and Death)

Divine Domains

Tialímin is the God of Roads, Travel, the Afterlife, and Funerals. As the Lord of the paths, he is a god to thresholds and all journeys and a self-respecting Miylian Elder will go and pray at a temple or shrine to him before traveling and leave an offering to the god. It is believed that doing this will catch Tialímin's attention so that he will grant safe passage.   The other part of his domain being the afterlife and funerals goes with his domain of being a god of paths and that death is just another journey. It is a tradition that the spell Peaceful Sleep is cast on the dead so that they cannot be raised by Necromancy. It is not uncommon for the spell to be cast on living people when there is nothing that can be done to help aside from being comfortable.

Holy Books & Codes

Tialímin's holy book is the Guide to the Gloom Way which documents traveling with Portals and funeral rites. There are a few myths in the book such as a version of The Death of Lynir. Although not his holy books he is mentioned in The Hymn of Veglienna and The Word Of Desires inside the The Canticle of Bhoa dru Durá. It is believed that Tialímin is the one that wrote the Guide to the Gloom Way and is thus the one who discovered portal travel.

Tenets of Faith

Tialímin is one of the easiest Fa Geinn gods to please as he requires offerings before and after traveling, attending the pilgrimages to the other gods' festivals, and attending to and honoring the dead. Tialímin hates Necromancy so it is a taboo to use this type of magic on honorably dead people.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tialímin is fit and has a well-maintained body.

Mental characteristics


Tialímin is heterosexual and only has one partner in his wife Scuchichio the Goddess of Home.

Intellectual Characteristics

Tialímin is cold and distant however he does pretend to take an interest in mortal affairs and what they are doing.


He doesn't like talking to or about his brother Qaydith.

Personality Characteristics


The Lord of Roads wants to protect his wife and son, Lynir from the more chaotic gods in the Fa Geinn pantheon such as his brother Qaydith and the Spider Queen Solsínabh. Tialímin has even gone to the point of overthrowing his mother and the rest of the family to keep his wife and son safe.   Family aside Tialímin is also motivated by maintaining the various roads within The Gloom Path and has been wanting to gain full control of the Naba which is why he is also worshipped by the Kastal Okeri. While maintaining the roads Tialímin likes to travel and discover new places anchoring them to the Gloom Path and guiding people as they travel whether it is through the paths of the living or the dead.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is good at traveling and knows all of the roads which lead to The Gloom Path one way or another. However, due to his absence, he can't always protect his family which has created openings for his rivals to interact with them. Tialímin is overprotective of his family and that has made his relationships with his wife and son strained.



Tialímin took a leadership role in the city of Ubudongiu and the country of Bridt Sche in the year 1600. While ruling he helped to maintain the the infrastructure of the country and the city so that travel was more accessible throughout the country regardless if the trip was by land, sea, or portal. He worked with his father Knommguh the Lord of Order in maintaining the law of the roads and with Veninedute his sister the Lady of Wealth who cares a lot about trade. That all changed on March 15th, 3000 when Tialímin with the help of his friend Raolegi razed the city and over threw Fa Geinn and replaced it with Bridt Schtricksüker.

Contacts & Relations

Tialímin's closest friend is Raolegi the God of Secrets and they maintained a good relationship after Fa Geinn was overthrown.

Family Ties

Tialímin has a strained relationship with many of his family members but that happens when you betray them and overthrew the governing system that they created.

Social Aptitude

Tialímin is oven polite but can be brief and short with people when talking to them.




Towards Tialímin




Towards Lynir




Towards Tialímin




Towards Solsínabh


Wealth & Financial state

Tialímin is one of the Fa Geinn gods and is wealthy due to offerings and taxes that are at his disposal to fix roads and maintain the infrastructure.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Naba Shamai̯s (Keeper) in Okerihi
Date of Birth
October 16th, 100
Year of Birth
100 5906 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Related Myths
Known Languages
Draconic, Dark Wave Language, Black Draconic, and Miylian Elder Language
Ruled Locations