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Spider Queen

"The Spider Queen has invited you to her court," the Drider said.   "Not interested," Raga retorted turning back to the fire asured that Barrier will protect him from the creature.


When Solsínabh and her husband Knommguh established Fa Geinn Solsínabh created and took the title Spider Queen as one of the rulers of the new Black Wing Flight nation. She chose the name because she prefers to take the form of a Drider or a Chlai Elf. When she was coordinated as the Spider Queen she also crowned her husband as the Lord of Order taking the leadership role to intimate the people at home and abroad.


As the ruler of a nation Solsínabh rules the country as the cultural leader of her people by being the chief goddess of Ci Scá Múnt. She is the lore keeper who keeps the histories of Bridt Sche and guides people in art and stories. She is chaotic and requires a blood sacrifice during her festivals as a reminder of she weaved the world together and poured life into the people.


Solsínabh has several duties to her country and her house. To the country, her duties are as a cultural and religious leader to the people by attending to and practicing her religious beliefs given to the people. Solsínabh is the symbol of Fa Geinn and the one that holds the family together while her husband, Knommguh, is the one that actually rules were the possibility of Solsínabh's wrath keeps people in line.   For her family,  Solsínabh is the mother of a brood of Fur Dragons that makes up the gods that the Chlai worship. Her house duties are leading the family while her husband leads the country. Whatever the family wants to do must have the blessing of Solsínabh like when Kenus wanted to marry Osara. Solsínabh had to sign off on this because Osara and her Dragon House would tie to her House and thus also be on the same or similar basis as the other gods. When Xione had a vision of Lynir and some the things that were coming Solsínabh was interested in seeing how her grandson's unwritten story would be played out.
Royalty, Household
Honorary, Monarchy, Divine
Form of Address
Your Highness, Your Majesty
Alternative Naming
Queen of Spiders, the Great Spinner, Spider Goddess, World Spinner
Equates to
Queen, Goddess
Source of Authority
Length of Term
First Holder
Current Holders
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