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Black Wing Flight

The Black Wing Flight are dragons that maintain the portals to Dolwen and they are mainly settled in Miyla in the city of Nyiltokti. Defined for their darker wings and overall coloring these are not the dragons that you want to fly overhead at night. In the form of land in Miyla this flight has the least amount of it. Like most dragons, these dragons do not care that much for the younger races and are content in letting them live and make their own mistakes.


Major language groups and dialects

Dragons speak Dragonic the first language of Miyla and the one that most casters speak when using magic. The dialect that the black dragons speak though is Miyla Black Dragonic. Since dragons are long-living their languages do not change as much as the tongues of mortals. A few dragons do speak the mortal's languages as a way of communication with them but dragons that are not around mortals as much as those that do not bother learn or speak these languages.

Average technological level

With the help and innovation of the mortal races, the dragons have reached modern to near-future technology. To the point that they are still impressed with the ideas of the mortal races. The dragons have also found a way to use Konn Prünnzu, the magical energy that runs through the leylines, with some genetic editing to create super soldiers. Since the process is dangerous to mortals most of the people that have gone through this are dragons.

Common Etiquette rules

Like all other dragon ethnicities the black dragons use a variant of Dragon Greetings, for instance, do not bow to each other when they greet each other. The black dragons are strong believers that all people have three different types of relationships with each other being what the relationship is like in public, around close and trusted friends, and only when the two dragons are alone. Private relationships are never talked about in the other circles and it is impolite to bring it up in public conversation. With this belief mortals and even other dragons such as the Crimson Wing Flight see the black dragons as stiff and formal in need of loosing up.

Common Dress code

When in mortal forms the black dragons often wear dark and rich colors though wealthier ones are known to wear white and gold at times. Other than color schemes black dragons more often than not wear modest clothes that cover their bodies usually wearing some form of a jacket or suit depending on how wealthy the dragon is. Of course, there are some black dragons that rather show off or flaunt their bodies and they often wear bright clothes so that they can be seen better. When they are around friends or on an individual basis with a person that they really trust then they will remove their jackets or dress less formally. Their usual out fit is also why a lot of other dragons and mortals think that the block dragons are stiff.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The black dragons observe Mating Season with the utmost respect and privacy that should be given to dragons that are willingly engaging in the continuation of their race. Often not asking if one participated. Those that want to precipitate need to inform Bridt Schtricksüker or make arrangments ahead of time.   Another custom that the black dragons hold dear is Dragon Pairing where two dragons enter a strong partnership that boards on Humans understanding of love and marriage although the ritual to dragons can vary to anything from a one night's stand to a relationship that lasts for thousands of years. This is shared only with the two dragons and is consider to be a private relationship so only close friends know of the pairing if one took place.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

It is common that when a hatchling or a dragonling is born that they presented to Bridt Schtricksüker's grand counsel so that the child may be known to the flight. This can take place a few weeks or months after the initial birth but it is important because it allows the parents or parent depending on what was discussed to claim the child as an asset under Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng. This is important so that no other dragon or entity can claim ownership of the child and ensure that they are protected throughout their lives.

Coming of Age Rites

When a dragon comes of age and wants to have their own estate then they must first go to their parent or parents that still legally own them and ask to be released to start their own household. If all parties agree to this they must once again go to Bridt Schtricksüker and declare that the child is their own and belongs to none except the whole flight. If the parents do not agree with the child they will often use the child to expand the family's power through using them in mating season or arranging a pair with other dragons to increase the power of the family. Whenever a child wants to try to and start their own estate they will always have to take up with their parents and the parents will more or less not allow this so that the family's wealth will always be in the family.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Death is rare to dragons as a dragon can only die if they release their own souls. In spite of this dragons do die in wars and to their wounds and to the shock of being hit by enemy weapons because sometimes no amount of willpower can keep a dragon alive. When a dragon feels that their time has come they will go to a dragon boneyard and release within the company of their ancestors often leaving their estate to their next of kin. They are remembered with the lighting of fires in their former homes but their surviving family will guard the boneyard where their loved one died in an attempt to prevent foolhardy mortals from getting their hands on dragon hide, feathers, scales, bones, and fur depending on the dragon. Once the body has returned to the dust the guard ends.

Common Taboos

The black dragons never talk about their private relationships with anyone except the person they share that relationship with. Talking about your or another's private relationship if you are a dragon, is considered taboo and is impolite. However, because of this stigma is it incredibly hard for dragons to get out of abusive relationships since their abuser may only do that behavior when no one else is around. Since that would make the relationship private it is almost impossible to get away from such relationships. This can get worst if the dragon that is being abused falls under Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng which makes them the property or the asset of their abuser.   Like most dragons don't like talking about mating season or pairing in addition to this being a sensitive topic as child-rearing is really not something that dragons want to talk about with just anyone these types of relationships also fall under being private and something that they do not want to discuss.


Beauty Ideals

These dragons prefer darker colors an ebony dragon will look more attractive than a dragon that is a lighter shade of gray. Dragons with darker traits will always be more attractive to these dragons. Even when shape-shifting into mortal forms these dragons will usually shift to the darker or darkest colors the mortal race has. Dragons cannot shift to colors darker than their natural coloring.

Gender Ideals

Female dragons of this flight have a duty to produce eggs or carry babies for the survival of the flight it does not matter that much to the dragons who the male partner is in the picture so long as the female can have offspring she must have kids. She also must take care of the children in her brood as she may not be the only dragon that a male has been with. She helps raise the total amount of children that her mate has. It is ideal if female dragons do not seek much of anything else during the mating season of her life and if she is still considered to be a member of her mate’s household and can have no more children she must help raise even more dragons into adulthood. If she is not considered a member of her mate’s household after she is no longer futile she can pursue whatever she wants as long as the pursuit still benefits the flight.   Male dragons are required to fertilize eggs or impregnate female dragons during the spring time when such activities are not frowned upon. Male dragons have to project their mates, children, and prosperity regardless of the time of year. It is ideal of male dragons to pursue careers in mainting portals and protecting the flight.

Courtship Ideals

Many dragons are aware that they can live for a long time and so are not that concerned about finding the fictional "One." There are two reasons why a dragon may pursue this type of relationship within the black flight. These dragons because of the wars that this flight faces many populations low points so when a female can have children she will seek out a mate to reproduce into the next generation. When seeking this she will look for healthy males and ones with darker coloring if a male wants to mate with a female he will present her with gifts. Doing this will show the female that he can provide for her and the children if she chooses to be a part of his household. This can last for at least a hundred years since unfertilized can be fertilized at this time. Fur dragons can be choosier because they will have to defend on a mate and his house to provide for her while pregnant. With this in mind, most of these relationships are have the goal of having children.   Dragons will also seek these relationships with each other when the mating season is over either with the mates that they had for child-rearing. Sometimes the dragons will go their separate ways and seek other relationships outside of the duties of bringing forth the next generation.

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