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Nyiltokti (njilˈtokti)

A large city that is being held up with several outer pillars with a central pillar that allows people to take Trains to the lower and upper parts of the city. Since the trains run up the center of the pillar only is called Wessdttrerppsch Klüe Fufdt Lenk. The city is divided into 16 parts 8 schtrückerö or plates and 8 ground districts that are called schmö. All of the sections' names are in Miyla Black Dragonic even though a lot of languages are spoken throughout the city.


Since the city is currently under the control of Pfussäwinn Witts the city is under a Corporatocracy. It used to be governed by Bridt Schtricksüker but they were overthrown shortly after Sürl Dussch.


There is a great wall around the ground districts to protect it with some mounted guns on the walls there are gates by scheif to allow trains to get into the city and a breach from the Siege of Nyiltokti Valley that has not been repaired yet. Some weapons on the schtrückerö are designed to deter aerial attacks.

Industry & Trade

Since the city has a portal hub and one of the bigger ones the city enjoys interplanetary trade with Kor, Dolwen, and Shinia. The city also trades with the Crimson Wing Flight and the Green Wing Flight which are both allied with Bridt Schtricksüker so a diverse amount of things can be bought and sold here.


With the large city, transportation the largest and most complicated infrastructure in the city next to how power and water get to the different parts of the city.


The city is split into two major sections, the upper plates, and the slums. The upper areas are richer and where the government is and inhabited mainly by the Dragons. The slums are on the ground and are more chaotic in how they are structured and this is where most of the mortals races live. It is rare for Dragons to live in the slums but a lot of the mortals do live on the plates. The eight plates divide the top into smaller districts and the slums are divided similarly.


There are eight Konn Prünnzu Tradtar in the city that mine, store, and burn Konn Prünnzu to power the city. Konn prünnzu the largest assets in the city. Since Pfussäwinn Witts has its headquarters in the city the various departments do research, store, and develop various products that are used by a lot of people in Bridt Sche. Nyiltokti has the largest Portal Station in Bridt Sche which is a source of magical travel not just across the country or Miyla but across all of the worlds.    On the schtrückerö, there are lots of shopping centers with Schtrücker Lunnlai being one of the largest with lots of things to do and jobs to have. Most people visiting the Nyiltokti only stay on the schtrückerö because of its lights and things being better on them where they can shop and see the sights so that world. However, that is only part of the city below are the schmö the slum districts are not as wealthy as the upper sections and don't have a lot of places that offer shopping and other things to do and jobs. The biggest district on the ground is Schlullk Brasschwerch that has Der Roch the red light district. The other place that is often busy is Scheif where the trains come in from other places in the country.

Guilds and Factions

The organizations that call different parts of the city their home are Bridt Schtricksüker the former government of Bridt Sche which is now located elsewhere. Pfussäwinn Witts is currently in control of the city and the country and is governing it that is made up of Kwönnsch Püerngsing which works closely with Söchdt Blannäbe Schennsch (SBS), Wen FleppdtWen TardtroFlenndt Kwösster and Oor Ehschtoüntuo Gunkar. Kezedfrunch which is a terrorist organisation that wants to undermine Pfussäwinn Witts which is made up of groups like Bandana Squad. Fal Uafrúl, a crime family, that is behind most of the crime in the city which has a a group of leaders called the Fiart that are in Der Roch the red light district of the city. Many others are localized to different sections and only important within those areas or are subsites to larger organizations. Some of those are De’s Neighborhood Watch and Chuēr's Rū Òrzāshaurjèng.   When Bridt Schtricksüker where in power organizations such as Black Wing Army which was run by Prö Frötts.


Nyiltokti's History is vast because of all of the organizations that are in the city. It was built early in the Refugee Crisis as a promise to the mortals that moved to Bridt Sche that they would be safe with conditions. Those conditions were written down in Kruchs Kottser and this why people in the city and throughout the country celebrate Kruchs Söl. Nyiltokti was sieged once and was successfully defended by the Black Wing Flight the city is still damaged from the battle.


The largest shopping is on Schtrücker Lunnlai where there are many markets and shopping centers. There are also residential areas for people who work for Pfussäwinn Witts that is right outside of warehouses that lead to the central pillar. There are of course theatres, museums and many other attractions to see and do on the schtrückerö of the city.   Then below the schtrückerö on the ground Schlullk Scheif and Schlullk Brasschwerch that attach the most attention. Schlullk Scheif because it is the district that most out of towners see first before going up into the schtrückerö. Schlullk Brasschwerch is a wasteland that has the town called Der Roch which is the red light district of the city that overs things such as indulge in every vice.


The city is within a crater-like valley named after the city called Nyiltokti Valley. The valley is in a desert and so there are not many resources however there are other areas in the country that have more resources that are important to Nyiltokti.

Natural Resources

The city built on a large nexus point so konn prünnzu which is a liquid-like magical substance that runs through the ley lines which magic flows through. Since the city is on a nexus Pfussäwinn Witts's reactors that mine konn prünnzu and use it to power the city.
Founding Date
Zeairnsdtjiebo 15th, 2450
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Suspended City, Umbrella City, Kruchs City
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