Kruchs Söl

"Wish we could be home, today." Najel murmured into is mug.   "How so?" Raga asked.   "Out of all things you could forget you forgot Kruchs Söl!" Aùshe yelled.   "Is that some sort of mortal holiday?" Kao asked looking up from his book.
Kruchs Söl was created because of Kruchs Kottser a document written several thousand years during Kruchs Kottser Ratification   allowing the refugees who lived in Bridt Sche to not live in fear of being killed by a Shifter Dragon. There is a bit more to Kruchs Kottser than protecting the mortals and that is making so that when a mortal breaks the dragon laws they are punished the same way and depending on what the mortal does more severely.


The refugees that settled in Bridt Sche created the holiday of Kruchs Söl as a way to remember their homeworlds and to be thankful for their new one, Miyla. All of the mortal races celebrate this holiday with a grand feast that features food from the other worlds but are created with Miylian substitutes. The feast is often hosted by places of worship, wars, cafes, and other such places. In recent years the Dragons started to celebrate the holiday as well but they don't celebrate it the same way the mortals do it.


If a bunch of mortals lives near each other and there is a large house, business, or religious building one of those buildings will host the neighborhood potluck which is the bulk of the feast. This is what Quim Brear in Schlullk De has done for the past three years. The purpose of this is to catch up with neighbors and share one's success with others. It is tradition to prepare and serve food that is similar to the food on their homeworlds this can be expensive depending on the dish but there are always substitutions for different ingredients. The place where the feast takes place use Reunion Lilies although poorer venues are lucky if they can get one. After the feast, the mortals remember the people that were separated from their families and friends during the The Refugee Crisis.   The dragons celebrate the holiday by sending time with close friends and family sharing a small meal which is a big deal to the Black Wing Flight. They honor more of the dragon laws that were penned with Kruchs Kottser.


The holiday is celebrated on Zeairnsdtjiebo 22nd of every year.

Miyla Black Dragonic


kruchs /kʁuks/ söl /zøːl/


Shelter Day

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