"I get a lot of people coming through you have to be more specific," Chiaria said waving a dismissal that Raga ignored.   "She a good book keeper," Raga said trying to remember things about Aùshe.   "I don't think that is going help us find her," Aligioni said.   "Right, she is a Jade Human about 4'11, she has long black hair, pale skin... she was wearing a black kimonoto," Raga said trying to remember everthing about her.   "Ah, Aùshe," Chiaria said turning towards the two again.
The Jade Humans are originally from a continent called Asia in Earth but they fled Earth duringRefugee Crisis. These Humans had magical abilities and lived rather peacefully with the nonmagical people for a time. Over time a popular law outlawing magic started to come into their countries and they started to live in fear of either being killed or forced to serve the Emporer. Everyone turned to the Shifter Dragons to take them to Miyla so they can practice magic without fear of being killed or brought to servitude. The Black Wing Flight and the Golden Wing Flight were the ones that helped these Humans escape.    Serving the Dragons and being able to practice magic freely seemed a small sacrifice and in the wake of the Refugee Crisis, it lead to the War of the Worlds which made it so that no one can travel to Earth because of the laws outlawing the use of magic. Many of the Jade Humans claim that living under the Dragons is much better than their previous lives where they are in danger of losing their freedoms.


Major language groups and dialects

Most Jade Humans speak Jade which is a version of Chinese that is spoken throughout Miyla.