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The Mortal Place

Mortals exist at the pleasure of the dragons and no one mortal can hope to kill a dragon.
- Dragon saying
This is an old saying that the Shifter Dragons say because they believe that they are superior to the mortals and most mortals don't question this because they believed that the Dragons were right. There are very few mortals who will dare to fight the dragons for any reason with Kezedfrunch being one moral organizations does.

Variations & Mutation

In Bridt Sche the saying started in Knomm Grähi the region where The Waves is and where House Briknomm. The House was worshipped as the Fa Geinn gods of the old Ci Scá Múnt religion. Since they were the gods it was clear to everyone that they and all other Shifter Dragons were more important than the Elves who were the mortals living on Miyla.

Cultural Reception

This saying is well ingrained in the minds of mortals and dragons becoming a central part of the identity of both and it an unspoken truth in Miyla although the Miylian War has proven that this thought is wrong because dragons did die during the war.