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Fa Geinn (fʲa /ɟɛɲ)

Dark Guides

The old Miylian Elder pantheon which means Dark Guides is now worshipped in one form or another by the Chlai or the Dark Elves.


Solsínabh the Spider Queen is the leader of the House. She is chaotic and invested in stories and what her family is doing. She doesn't interfere with what the family is doing and there are lots of interesting and tragic stories about the family. She only interfered with her family's affairs once which resulted in the death of her husband.   Knommguh the Lord of Order used to run the House and upheld laws after his death Veninedute the Lady of Wealth, her brother Kenus Lord of Magic, his wife Osara Lady of Logic, Tialímin Lord of Paths, and Prielind the Lady of Potions have been upholding laws in different fields. These gods are worshipped as the Lawful Ones by the Ci Scá Múnt. Most deities are lawfully worshipped, such as Scuchichio Goddess of the Home who is the wife of Tialímin her sphere is lawful but that it is a building block of society.   The other set of gods are Solsínabh the Storyteller, Breicbreira the Dancer, Qaydith the God of Pain and Pleasure, Zinja Lord of the Night, Prirruntri Deity of Night, Scuchichio the Goddess of Dawn, Xione the Seer of Fate, and Lynir the God of Rebirth. These gods represent ideas, not laws, and are more abstract than lawful. Others that are more abstract gods are Omera Goddess of Forgiveness and her son Luntraortsco the Lord of the Hunt.   Other gods that are worshipped are the Elemental deities Mefrelvepie, Elasha, Etaina, and Arun. Mefrelvepie had a relationship with Breicbreira but the myths aren't clear whether they were married. These gods are not prominently worshiped by Ci Scá Múnt, however, there is a healthy amount of myths where the Elementals show up.   There are a few minor gods that are also worshipped as well such as Xozlo one of Qaydith's commanders and Lynir's Necro Serpents Creuda and Nipafo who symbolize obsession and bondage. To various extents, Xione is also a minor goddess that most people respect because of her gift of prophecy.


The family has a fascinating history of being the first Black Wing Shifter Dragon family that was seen by the Miylian Elders Elves in the Bridt Sche region. When they saw Dragons they thought they were looking at gods. Solsínabh thought that this was amusing and leaned into it. As a result, most members of House Briknomm developed god complexes which strained relationships between family members and the other houses. Everyone has an ego to some extent and most members also have a superiority complex even thinking that they are better than other dragons.

Public Agenda

In the past Fa Geinn had several agendas since House Briknomm was the leading Black Dragon House in the region so they had to lead the Dragons and the Elves so they upheld and created laws for commerce that were overseen by Veninedute, justice which Knommguh oversaw, and magic by Kenus. These three and the gods that were called the Lawful Ones lead the country before the end of the Miylian Wars. The ones that oversaw ideals primarily controlled the Elves with ideals and how to spend their time and what they should value. These gods are Tialímin, Solsínabh, and Qaydith. The values are stories, indulgence, and the reminder that death comes and people should be ready which were good tools to control the Elves before they decided to fight against the dragons. Those that stayed on Miyla within their region still follow these gods.   Now the family is not politically powerful because of an internal betrayal that lead to the rise of House Soyla which created the council structure of Bridt Schtricksüker. This is because of several other wars that the Dragons had after most of the Elves fled to Shinia. Most members have the goal of restoring their House with the few cults that they have and any other means. This is because their history and the things that they have done were erased from the public records and although most Dragons don't like House Briknomm Solsínabh would argue that her House still did good things for the country. Laws that they created such as Dächschproüer Ügngailk the laws regarding Necromancy, Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng which makes it so that the Dragons can still own Mortal Races.


This family are the first Black Dragon that was seen by the Elves and so were worshipped as gods.   During the Miylian War the family sided with [I am thinking they sided with the Elves because that is where they get most of their power.] As the war was coming to an end Tialímin betrayed the family outsing them from the Flight.   Turning Knommguh into a mountain.   Tialímin serving as the Portal Master would cause him to travel more so he may have been the most active during War of the Worlds and when at home started to get board of playing god but still liked the treatment which would be something that he didn't get in the other worlds. Also by spending more time away from home he started to like mortals better than dragons.   During that could be various other histories.   When Nyiltokti is being constructed more people move to the city causing less people to live in Ubudongiu. Since Pfussäwinn Family was building he city they were becoming more powerful creating Bridt Schtricksüker where all dragon houses has a say which the family was against.   After the war most of the family went into hiding but still acted like close organization.  


The House started to fall apart when Xione had a prophecy about Lynir the future son of Tialímin being taught how do have sex by Qaydith, his uncle. At first, the family didn't care because Lynir wasn't born yet. However, Qaydith took the visions that were the juiciest and inscribed them into The Word Of Desires as The Canticle of Bhoa dru Durá. Qaydith even gave the new copy of the book to Tialímin, his brother, to rub salt in the wound.   It came to a point where Tialímin had enough of his brother and various other family members teamed up with his friend Raolegi the God of Secrets to dissolve the House. They do this by razing Ubudongiu and seal Solsínabh into the Court of the Spider Queen under The Waves making it so that if she ever tries to leave the mountains with rage into a neverending storm.   As the city was cooling off many family members took on different identities so that they could still exist in the new government, Bridt Schtricksüker, even though much of their history is scrapped and forgotten. At this point, it is believed that the gods are dead or just can't interact with their followers as directly as they did.


At the height of their power, they controlled all of Bridt Sche and the plains on the foot of The Waves on the Tuzæk Tuɦegasa side.


They has a good military made up of Shifter Dragons, Elves, and the altered Miylian Elders who became Drider. The military was not something that they needed to utilize all that much because of The Waves and the Dragons' ability to move the mountains. Their extraordinary magical abilities with Alteration were feared by the other Flights and when the Black Dragon's created Necromancy they were too afraid to even attack Fa Geinn.


The Shifter Dragons were mistaken as gods by the Elves so they were of course worshipped. It was the state religion to worship the leaders and various cults around the different family members.

Foreign Relations

They had strained relationships with Tuzæk Tuɦegasa who shared a board with them while they were in power. The relationship was mostly peaceful because Briknomm could and can use Alteration to move The Waves making it so that the Golden Wing Flight couldn't attack the capital Ubudongiu which was on the other side of The Waves. Due to this Tuzæk Tuɦegasa were afraid of the Black Wing Flight and this magic they learned that could move the literal mountains. The people in Tuzæksoskī were also fearful of them because of the monstrous Drider who patrolled the mountains and Necromancy which was created by Qaydith.


Laws regarding money and its use are written in the Codex of Veninedute. Many of the laws that are still used by Bridt Schtricksüker were first created by Fa Geinn.  
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The general education that children, teens, and adults go through is religious education where the Holy Books are studied. The religious liturate that people study focuses on memorizing the myths and tenets of the various gods to worship them in tandem within their various spheres.
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Mythology & Lore

One myth that is commonly told in their faith is The Death of Lynir it shows up in The Word Of Desires which is Qaydith's holy book. The myth has multiple gods in it and a version of it shows up in a lot of religious literature such as The Hymn of Veglienna, and the Guide to the Gloom Way.   There are also versions of the Story of the Stars myth that lines up with the pantheon where they are characters in the stories explaining where the constellations came from. The goddess Solsínabh the Spider Queen is believed to trapped in the Drider constellation although some tellings say that is a Drider servant of the Queen. In all versions of the story, it is believed that Breicbreira the Queen's Consort is the Dancer constellation.  
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Divine Origins

The religion started when the Miylian Elders first saw the Black Wing Flight Shifter Dragons because seeing Dragons turn into Elves is pretty similar to seeing gods in the real world. Many of the beliefs were engineered to control the Elves and distract them and uphold law and order within the Elves and the Dragons.

Cosmological Views

It is believed that the world began when Solsínabh crafted Miyla and wove it together and told the stories of the lands and the people who live in the world. She created the gods and the people to live in the world and to perform her stories. She married Knommguh who ordered the world grounded the stories in principles and to create consequences for poor actions such as crimes and to make magic predictable. Their children then became guides to help teach the mortals how to live from laws and how to enjoy life.

Tenets of Faith

The primary tenets of faith are to follow the laws of the state and to appease the gods through various types of worship such as sacrifice and prayer. Appeasing the gods can be done with offerings and by following their various tenets which depend on the god that is being worshipped. They aren't always worshipped together and the various cults that have come up from the main faith are there to appease the gods through different ideals and each holds the gods to differing levels of importance.


There are many ways to worship the various gods and they all have their traditions that are used to honor and worship them. Here is a quick summary of the major gods' general worship and holy festivals. The others will be within their own cults with their ideals within their articles.

Solsínabh the Spider Queen

The weaver of the world who told the stories of the world and brought it into being. Solsínabh the Spider Queen is the chief goddess of the pantheon and is one of the most chaotic gods within the pantheon. She is easy enough, please as the goddess of stories telling tales became a daily aspect of the lives of her worshippers. She does require blood sacrifices during her holy days but not necessarily death. She also create the Drider Rite which brought the Drider to The Waves.
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Knommguh the Lord of Order

The creator of laws ordered the stories of his wife and gave structure and purpose to those stories. He is worshipped by following the various laws of the land.

The Lady of Wealth Veninedute 

Much like her father Veninedute is a Lawful Goddess who is worshipped by following the laws and through proper use of money and trade. She created the standards of trade and the weights that were used.
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Qaydith God of Pleasure and Pain

One of the most popular gods in the pantheon was Qaydith is a god of slaves and sex focusing on indulgence. He was chaotic like his mother the Spider Queen and tricky to deal with. He was a god that justified the slaves that the Miylian Elders kept and one that allowed people to cut loose. As a god of domination, he is hard to deal with and fine with subjecting anyone and everyone.
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Kenus the Lord of Magic

The Lord of Magic governed the magical order of the world for Knommguh and documented the schools of magic and the alignments that magic is divided into.

Granted Divine Powers

The different gods give their boons to their Priests which help them in various tasks around the temples. Qaydith's is being able to immobilize people. Veninedute gives her priests the responsibly of managing the printing of Veni and the standard weights.   Solsínabh the Spider Queen gives her priests and followers the gift of gab and great ability for telling the stories. This makes the Drider very dangerous because they have good communication skills and can weave great stories to lure people to the Court of the Spider Queen. Solsínabh's biggest boon is the Drider Rite which turns Miylian Elder Elves into the creatures.

Political Influence & Intrigue

This pantheon is actually the Black Dragon House Briknomm which was the ruling House in Bridt Schtricksüker and the Elves for serval milemia. The House started to lose power in 2100 when Xione started to have visions of Lynir. As the House started to have disagreements internally it started to affect how they were ruling the people. The laws were not as tightly monitored and the state started to crumble. When Solsínabh murdered her husband Knommguh the Lord of Order things started to fall apart for them quickly. Within a short span of time Bridt Schtricksüker has started and the House traitors Tialímin and Raolegi had razed Ubudongiu ushering the rise of the Black Wing Flight Ruling Council.   That should have been the end of the House and thus their politics but it was not. Although considered destroyed and wiped out in the records many of the House members took on new names and minor rules within the government especially within House Pfussäwinn.


The gods are primarily worshipped in Ci Scá Múnt where all of the gods are worshipped and respected. However, since there are so many gods various cults have developed worshipping a single god or a group of them. Cults that focus on groups of gods often worship because of the relationships that the gods have such as Bhoa dru Durá. Below is a breakdown of all of the cults in a nice little chart.




  • Udubongiu
    The former capital of Bridt Sche is now in ruins this is what the city looked like.
Dissolution Date
March 15th, 3000
Religious, Pantheon
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Briknomm (/bʁɪknom/ Black Draconic for Dark Wave)
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This is a list of all of the territories that Fa Geinn had at the height of their power. Some of the cities and locations are in ruins in the modern day. These are the physical locations that they owned and still have some power over other regions in old strongholds that they still have some power in.
  Since all members of Fa Geinn are considered to be gods they also have domains that are believed to be the homes of the gods and their power bases. They aren't metaphysical but are various Pocket Dimensions.
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