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Time-Worn Locket of Memory

This ornate locket, rumored to be centuries old, allows the wearer to capture and store moments of their life. By gazing into the locket, one can relive those cherished memories.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When the locket is opened one of two things will happen. As for what happens it will be based on where the locket is being held. If the locket is being held at eye-level with the wearer's head up the locket's first effect will happen. If the wearer is looking down at the locket the second effect will happen.   The fist effect is stroring memory. The locket's magic will record the happy memory that the wearer is thinking about. A small white light will flash at the wearer to let them know when the memory is done being recorded. Once the memory is done being recorded the wearer can either close the locket and put it away. Or the wearer can look at the memory and see that it was recorded "correctly."   The second effect is looking or waching the memory. This happens when the wearer opens the locket and looks down at it. The locket will then start to show clips or images from all the memories store in it. The wearer just needs to rub the side of the locket to get it to play a memory. Once the memory is viewed the locket will sometimes ask if the memory should be forgotten. A memory that is forgotten will not play again in the locket.


Early History

No one knows who made the first of these lockets. It seems that according to mythology the locket was made by the goddess Prongeltro, of the Fa Geinn pantheon. According to the mythology, Prongeltro made it so she could store good memories for her sister, Lirepro the goddess of pain and shame.


The locket is a holy item for the goddesses Prongeltro and Lirepro. It was thought to have been made by Prongeltro as a gift for her sister. The locket was used by the sisters to store good memories for the two of them to reflec on.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Holder
Owning Organization
Very Rare
Base Price
20,000 Veni
Raw materials & Components
At a glance the locket seems to be made from brass. Their is a light purple gemstone at the center.
Jewelry Kit