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Fire Dancer Festival


This is a festival that was dedicated to Breicbreira the Dancer and Etaina the Miylian Spirit of Fire. The festival takes place around the evening and night with fireworks and bonfires to honor the fire goddess and to celebrate the return of summer. Celebrators will dance around bonfires, on stages, or just in their homes with their families. Celebrating in other public places is common and alcohol is commonly used to give courage to behave more boldly. Some worshippers of Qaydith have also roped their god in the festival and corrupted some of the dancing traditions to be more honoring of the God of Domination. The other god that is sometimes tied with this festival is Prirruntri the God of Parties and Alcohol but that is because of the festive and party atmosphere. That aside the festival can be a fun family tradition or an excuse to get out on the town and have a fun time for the summer.

Components and tools

Wood for bonfires and various fireworks because blowing things up is fun are all of the physical things that are needed for the festival. Other things like alcohol and ribbons for dancing are optional.


The various followers of Ci Scá Múnt obverse this festival because Breicbreira is the Consort of the Spider Queen Solsínabh so the festival is also considered to be a holiday for the Spider Queen. For the Miylian Elders that only worship the Elemental Spirits it is just a festival to Etaina with fun dancing elements thrown in.


The festival takes place in June during the Sign of the Dancer around the middle of the month and is often the first holiday in the summer season.
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