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Solsínabh (sˠɔlʲˈʃiːnʲavˠ)

Queen of Spiders Solsínabh Briknomm (a.k.a. Veglienna in the Miylian Elder Language)

An old deity to the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elders that is still worshipped by their Dark Fey descendants the Chlai. It is believed that she wove Shinia for them and when it became unsafe carved the caves of Dolwen for her people when they were exiled.   Solsínabh is the matriach of Fa Geinn the pantheon of Ci Scá Múnt who are believed to have ruled Knomm Grähi the land around The Waves. The few records that exist of their rule show that they were oppressive and believed that the people under them were meaningless. As one of the oldest gods in the pantheon she likes to be worshipped and respected.

Divine Domains

Solsínabh is worshipped more modernly as the goddess of storytelling, handicraft, and conspiracy as she is the goddess that in Ci Scá Múnt myths wove Miyla together. She was seen as the matron of civilization as she was one of the people that ushered in a new civilization for the Fey and Okeri that lived within Knomm Grähi.   At the beginning of the Ci Scá Múnt religion, she was also worshipped as a goddess of torture, sex, conspiracy, and betrayal. Solsínabh is still worshipped in these domains to some extent except other members of her family took over most of her domains. Her son Qaydith took over most of the domain of sex, her grandchild Lirepro took over the domain of torture, while conspiracy and betrayal went to Raolegi who was married into the family.


Solsínabh has many artifacts that are used in the worship accessories that she wears or things that she used to create things. One of her most sacred artifacts is The Arachnid Heart Stone which is one of the largest Focus Crystals in Miyla used to Flesh Alter Fey into the Drider. This ritual is called the Drider Rite and it was important to her worship.   An artifact that Solsínabh uses is the Queen's Loom which she used to make the World Cord which she wears around her waist and the Queen's Tapestry which shows the history of Fa Geinn.

Holy Books & Codes

The Hymn of Veglienna holds all of Solsínabh's myths and tenets. All of her teachings are in the form of stories and songs. Her holy book documents how she wove the world together and how she birthed her children. Knommguh even divided responsibly among her children.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Solsínabh's holy symbol is a spider that also looks like it is part of its web. Some points from the legs of the spiders are sticking out of the oval that is within the web. The symbol itself is often black or dark purple with the color within the web and under the spider web is usually white or some other light color.

Tenets of Faith

Those who worship Solsínabh are encouraged to practice the arts through weaving and other handicrafts. They tell stories around fires, tables, and within forums and temples. Some of them will even conspire for one thing or another to get what they want to help weave the Spider Queen's web. These are things that please Solsínabh and are the things that all of her followers had to do.   One of the other tenets that Solsínabh has is to have sex for having large families. Family is important to Solsínabh and there are various rituals in her honor to help bring fertility to couples so they can have fruitful children. On the other hand as a goddess of torture, Solsínabh does have unsavory rituals one of which is the Flesh Alteration Drider Rite. She is the one who created the magic that is required for the ritual.


Although the Drider Rite is not a holiday the days when the ritual takes place are sacred. Those that are going to become a Drider were allowed to spend time with their families before being taken to Temple of the Spider Queen. The Fey that would become a Drider was treated and bathed before being brought to the alter. The power of The Arachnid Heart Stone would then change them with Flesh Alteration.   The holiday that is celebrated for Solsínabh is Weaving Preparation which had blood sacrifices to Solsínabh in the form of theatrical plays. Since the holiday is celebrated on the last week of summer it was time to prepare for fall which was Solsínabh's season. For her followers it feels like preparing for a mother coming home.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Solsínabh would love to be free from the Court of the Spider Queen she can move freely and be with her family more. Since she murdered Knommguh, her husband Solsínabh would like to remarry and have a new Lord of Order that will help her bring a sense of order into her family.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She has three known forms a Drider form, a Dark Fey form, and her Shifter Dragon form.

Special abilities

Magical Abilities

As a Bard Solsínabh is a powerful spell Caster who uses music and art to make things happen. It is a popular belief among her followers that she wove them together and Knommguh brought order to what she created. Her charisma and ability to speak and sing are important to her ability to cast spells. As a Bard, she can inspire people and help them with their attacks or defend them against attacks. Solsínabh is a jack of all trades and has good general knowledge on various topics.   One of her favorite bardic spells is called Song of Rest which brings healing to the people who hear it. She practices the College of Creation as she believes that the cosmos is a work of art and that the work includes harmonies that continue to resound through existence. Solsínabh can do the Performance of Creation which allows her to create a nonmagical item once a day. Normally she does this to get a tool that she doesn't want to look for.    In a similar vein, Solsínabh can perform the Creative Crescendo that allows her to create three more items. She can create one large item and the other two have to be small like various tools. She is also not limited by monetary costs for the items to make the items.   Another one of her favorite spells is Countercharm which makes it harder for her or one of her allies to be charmed. If Solsínabh feels outnumbered or if it is necessary she will cast Animating Performance which allows her to make a Dancing Item construct that obeys her every word. Solsínabh also knows several secerts that go beyond her usual skills.   As a Black Wing Shifter Dragon Solsínabh can breathe a line of acid or even fire. Due to being a Dragon, she can also imbue her breath weapons into her actual weapons to enchant them.

Physical Ability

Solsínabh has keen senses making it hard to hide things from her. Since she likes to take the form of the Fey she has inherited some of their abilities making it hard to charm her and grants her immunity to magical sleep.  Speaking of sleep Solsínabh will rest using a trance although there are times she will sleep instead. As an Ancient Dragon Solsínabh doesn't need to rest that much. Solsínabh is observant as well so she can interrupt what people are whispering if she can see their lips so she can read lips.    Since Solsínabh lives in a cave called the Court of the Spider Queen she has superior Darkvision so she can see well in the dark and low light. Furthermore, she has become sensitive to sunlight having not been in the sun for a long time.    As a performer and an actor Solsínabh has great charisma and can pass herself as someone else mimicking their speech or the sounds of other creatures. She has used this power to mock and laugh at people with what sounds like their own voices. As far as her family, Fa Geinn is concerned she is an inspiring leader and can take time to inspire her companions, followers, and Priests. This encourages people to feel better so they can carry on.

Apparel & Accessories

Around her waist is the World Cord that wove together and an old signet ring with her symbol on it.

Specialized Equipment

Solsínabh is proficient with weaver's tools and can write beautifully with brushes and calligraphy brushes and pens. She can play the flute, lute, and lyre for the latter two she sings while playing. Solsínabh is proficient with a Rapier.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up Solsínabh was poor as it was the beginning of Miyla's history and the Dragon Houses were not that powerful yet. This leads her to want power and status which got in the form of godhood and being worshipped by the Fey. She worked as a travelling Bard telling stories and singing ballads to the Fey and other Shifter Dragons. At one of her concerts she met Knommguh who became her husband soon after. He was wealthier than her and was happy to marry into wealth and nobility while he loved her art. They were called gods when they shifted into their Dragon forms to save the Fey they traveled with.   Solsínabh is the first of the Fa Geinn gods to have created Flesh Alteration by using The Arachnid Heart Stone to make the first Drider. This opened the door for Qaydith to alter the Fey and made the Zapriu Ussa. Speaking of her children Solsínabh was not the best parent as she allowed her children to do whatever they wanted with light discipline. She loved their adventures and writing down their stories.   She was hurt by her husband, Knommguh the Lord of Order, who went behind her back to castrate their son Tialímin the Lord of Roads. Knommguh and Tialímin wanted to prevent one of Xione's prophecies from happening. Xione had seen the life of Lynir and the abuse that the child would suffer at the hands of Qaydith. Solsínabh was so enraged that they tried to take away her grandson she impaled her husband on the mountains and cursed her son with fertility so the prophecy would be fulfilled.   After this Tialímin and his friend Raolegi razed Ubudongiu the city that Solsínabh ruled over with her late husband. They then used their newly formed Bridt Schtricksüker to over throw Fa Geinn and then imprisoned Solsínabh into her own Court.   She lived most of her life imprisoned in her court waiting to be free as the seals were far away in the newly constructed Nyiltokti. All of her children and grandchildren visit Solsínabh except Tialímin who betrayed her. Since she can't leave she allows her children to do whatever and directs them the best she can with what she can.


Solsínabh was worshipped as a goddess of sex and fertility and was not always loyal to her husband. In her defense Knommguh was not always loyal to her either. For the most part, she is heterosexual and enjoys spending time with her husband. She has had sex with Breicbreira a female Myel Shifter Dragon which was a consort to both of them.


She didn't have much in the way of a formal education but she learned enough to get by. While traveling Solsínabh learned many stories and songs that she would perform while traveling.


Solsínabh used to work as a traveling Bard before she became one of the rulers of Ubudongiu and Geogefi Ubu with her husband Knommguh. While in exile she continued to weave and she advised her family with her knowledge of ruling.

Personality Characteristics


Solsínabh is motivated to be free from the Court of the Spider Queen underneath The Waves and for her family to restore their status and to rule again.    She is obsessed with stories and if something is happening that could be an interesting story she will interfere to make the story better or worse.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Solsínabh is good at story telling and weaving using her art to show the history of her family.

Likes & Dislikes

One of the things that Solsínabh likes to do is mock and shame people causing pain to the people often using her actor ability to mock them with their own voices.

Virtues & Personality perks

Solsínabh loves her family and will do whatever she can to make them approve of her so she can up for her past mistakes. However, some of her family members thinks that she fine and that there is nothing that needs to be atoined for.

Vices & Personality flaws

She does hold a terrible secret which is known among her family and that is that she murdered her husband.


Contacts & Relations

As of now being trapped in the Court of the Spider Queen Solsínabh doesn't have many contacts seeing this as an effect of losing her godhood in the minds of the Fey. She was one of the chief gods of Ci Scá Múnt the main religion that Fa Geinn was worshipped in and Schettri Zuvu which was a cult that was mostly dedicated to her.

Family Ties

  She cares deeply for her family and loves them very much to the point where Solsínabh will allow them to do whatever they want. Solsínabh craves love and attention from her family all the while wanting them all to not just rule Bridt Sche but all of Miyla. She loves her family and the chaos that they have sowed and the stories that come from them. The only thing that was unusual about her family was how big it was for a Shifter Dragon family.   After being betrayed by her youngest son Tialímin and his friend Raolegi razed Ubudongiu and imprisoned her Solsínabh was only visited by her other children. The children who were loyal to her were Qaydith, Kenus, and Veninedute.   However, as time went on she noticed that they were scheming and moving on without her and that not all of the plans her children were coming up with were good for the house. It has gotten to where out of all of her grandchildren Solsínabh only sees Lynir as her only ally. Her other grandchildren are Prielind, Zinja, Lirepro, Mächaumpf, Prongeltro, and Fricotucie.

Religious Views

Solsínabh believes that she is a goddess although she has mellowed out in her old age.

Social Aptitude

Solsínabh is eloquent and when she is flattering people her words make others feel like they are the most wonderful and important people on Miyla. Being noble through marriage Solsínabh believes that she should be given due to her position. Furthermore, she believes that everyone should be respected regardless of station and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This made her one of the nicer Slave owners in her family.   However, she comes off as mocking at times and makes fun of people. These are things that Solsínabh says she did when she was younger but she believes that she gotten over it.

Hobbies & Pets

Solsínabh keeps Giant Spiders as pets that wander freely around the Court of the Spider Queen. She also keeps a bunch of Wallüŋ Ab around her throne which frogs that are hopping around and having fun.


She is polite and complimentary to the people that she talks to.



Husband (Vital)

Towards Solsínabh




Wife (Vital)

Towards Knommguh




They met at one of Solsínabh's concerts and she married Knommguh shortly after. He was from a wealthier house than her and she was happy to marry into wealth and nobility. He loved her art and performances.   After saving from Fey who mistook them as gods they had five children Qaydith, Kenus, Veninedute, Ithar, and Tialímin. All of their children were also believed to be gods by the Fey.   Xione Qaydith's second wife prophesied the birth of Lynir which started to throw chaos into the already chaotic family. To prevent this life from happening Knommguh and Tialímin tried to prevent the birth of Lynir. Solsínabh heard of this plan and she murdered her husband to allow the birth of Lynir to happen.

Relationship Reasoning

Solsínabh married Knommguh for wealth and power which she wanted. As for Knommguh, he married her for her art, music, and chaos.


Mother (Important)

Towards Qaydith




Son (Important)

Towards Solsínabh




Qaydith is the first born son of Solsínabh and Knommguh. When Solsínabh is trapped in the Court of the Spider Queen Qaydith visits her and keeps a good relationship with her. While growing up Qaydith was spoiled like the rest of his siblings and was allowed to do whatever he wanted and got away with a lot of things.


Mother (Important)

Towards Kenus




Son (Important)

Towards Solsínabh




Kenus is the second son of Solsínabh and Knommguh. He had a good relationship with his mother although he got annoyed with her for allowing him and his siblings to do whatever they wanted.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both like magic and its uses.



Towards Tialímin




Towards Solsínabh




Towards Veninedute




Towards Solsínabh




Towards Breicbreira




Towards Solsínabh


Wealth & Financial state

Solsínabh is wealthy being the former queen of Knomm Grähi ruling from Ubudongiu with her husband Knommguh. Now just as the Spider Queen, she is still wealthy and used to living an aristocrat lifestyle.
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Spider Goddess
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Knommguh (Husband)
White, long, straight
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