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The qualifications of being a slave are just being a person that is considered lesser than those that are considered to be better. These people are not citizens or they had to sell themselves or family members to pay those debts.

Career Progression

The progression depends on the type of slave such as Giustanonne who has a different progression than Tiaad Breic. For those that had to sell themselves to pay off debt, they can reclaim their freedom or keep their new lives as slaves.

Payment & Reimbursement

As slaves they don't get paid other than being given what they need to live day by day.

Other Benefits

Slaves didn't have to worry about daily needs so long as the worked and did their tasks.



Slaves did the work that no one else wanted to do or did specialized tasks such as Giustanonne who works in the Fa Geinn Temple District and Tiaad Breic who worked in brothels.

Social Status

Slaves had the lowest status in society and even those who earn their freedom back are treated lower than whatever there status was before.


Although active several thousand years ago when it was acceptable slaves are not used in the modern era officially although several mortals in Bridt Sche argue that Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng does legalize slavery to some extent.
The profession is not legal and is used in most places but the Chlai still practice slavery and usually use loopholes to get around the legality.
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