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Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng

A law in Bridt Sche that allows families to claim objects or persons as assets. Most of the mortal races do not make use of this law but Winged Dragons make great use of the law because of of their tendency of hoarding.


This is a law that allows families to claim children, money, objects, real estate with buildings, and all other assets that add value such as companies. This document legalizes the hoarding behavior of dragons and protects it giving the holder of the estate power and control over the entire estate.

Document Structure


The first clause identifies the persons and assets that can be claimed as a treasure or part of the hoard of a single dragon or a household. In the case of assets, the items must belong to the dragon or dragons that are claiming with their name. For money to be claimed it must be shown in an up-to-date record if for any reason a hoard is called into question, this record can both be a private track of finances and the records that banks keep. Items that are not as easy to track such as gems, various other valuables, and real estate can be added to a hoard if the lease or deed has the dragon's name on it those items can be claimed. If the paper cannot be produced then it is held that the items may have been stolen and can be taken from the suspicious dragon and held by the government until the proper owner is found. There are a few ways for people to be claimed by dragons as a part of a hoard depending on the person. In the case of children, they can be claimed as an asset or part of the hoard when they are born and must be presented to the Flight as a show of belonging to the dragon's household. In the case of people who are not the children of dragons they can be claimed due to servitude to the dragon or owing to the dragon for some reason and mortal families can also be claimed as an asset so long as the family's records show the relationship.   In order for assets to be claimed the dragon must first have documentation to prove that they own the asset. In the case of people that are claimed as assets, the person must either have documentation that proves that they are the child of the dragon that wants to claim or the parent must have the document that proves that the child is theirs. For other people to be claimed as an asset they must owe a dragon something that is beyond the ability to be paid for in full by the mortal and their family. Documentation of the debt must be presented in order to be claimed.    The next clause goes over the precedes of investigating a hoard starting from the books to checking the estate of the dragons starting with the least intrusive method before investigating the dragon's household.    Children can seek legal guidance to be removed as an asset to their household and begin the process of starting their own households in the next clause. While under the asset clause to their families however a child cannot be claimed as an asset to any other dragon or a company and only the child can start the progress to not be an asset anymore.


Those that are found to violate this law are subject to an investigation as described in this law. Violators are all that steal the belongings of others and try to claim them as their own, those that claim ownership of a protected person such as a child, and those that infringe on the property of others. If found guilty of any of the following after the investigation the stolen persons or items must be returned and damages to infringed properties must be prepared by being repaired and the cost of the damage given to the property hold from the violator. In the case of claiming a protected person such as a child as an asset when the child is still claimed by their parent the violator will be charged with kidnapping and up to 30% of the violator's property must be given to the parent's household. A portion of the violator's estate regardless of the violation must be turned over to the powers of the government up to 60% of the property's value where it will use to benefit the Flight.

Publication Status

This document like the laws of Bridt Sche is accessible to all people live within the country with access to computers to do their own research and those with access to a library.

Legal status

Under the law of the Bridt Schtricksüker the ruling council of Bridt Sche this document and the laws within are legal to all peoples and races within Bridt Sche.

Historical Details


This law has first written as a way to protect the properties of dragons which allowed for the Black Wing Flight to band together in a country without fear of the behavior being banded. This law encouraging this behavior is the reason why the country is in the state that it is in.

Public Reaction

The dragons love this law as it encourages behavior that they already have although mortals are not huge fans of the law because they and their families can be claimed as being nothing more than an object to a dragon with title to no contest on the part of the mortal.
Meaning Household Treasure/Asset Law Miyla Black Dragonic.
Manuscript, Legal
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