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Bridt Schtricksüker

This is the government of the Black Flight is run by an elite group of elder dragons with various councils that keep every part of the government afloat. It is required that all members of the government must own property and since dragons own most of the property in the country there are only dragons in the government. The grand council is made up of various smaller councils that take care of the various facets of the government.


Counselors are the leaders of the nation and they rotate the title of Chairman in terms. Below them are various other government positions such as Prö Frötts which runs the military forces. These smaller branches of the government also create and from councils that manage those parts. The legislative branch is the most powerful and its counselors are the ones that rotate the title of Chairman.


Since most, if not all of the people in government are Black Dragons the culture of the government is just like that of the people that are the most like them. Although the government does its best to relate with the mortals that they rule over but it is hard for what lasts forever to relate with those that temporary.

Public Agenda

As the leaders of the nation their goals are to lead both Shifter Dragons and mortals to a bright future. However, since all council members are dragons a lot of the laws that are passed by their body benefit the dragons more than the mortals. Since that is the case of mortals do not care that much for the dragons but still follow the law. The mortals also the government the Black Lounge because of this and the fact that they have been overthrown or appear to no be doing anything.


As of now, the government has been overthrown by Pfussäwinn Witts which is a company that has used Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng which is a law that encourages and rewards hoarding. Since the government is not as strong as it uses to be their main assets are Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser and the Black Wing Army. Recently the council has allowed the recruitment of a Kezedfrunch cell that is said to have headquarters somewhere in Nyiltokti's Schlullk De. Other than those they have one fortress that is hidden and protected with various magical enchantments that is staffed with some civilians and medical personal. The fortress also has an armory, and a garage with various vichles.


The only territory that Bridt Schtricksüker owns is Bridt Sche even though Pfussäwinn Witts is basically in charge of all major companies and runs most of the day to day matters. Bridt Schtricksüker still claims ownership of the land regardless of what their rival says.


The military is run by Prö Frötts the high command that controls all of the Black Wing Armed Forces including Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser which is made up of Böm Graitne Schällk specially trained soldiers from a Pfussäwinn Witts's program called Gugng Pfussä Fröckdt Sähnli. Even though Psoldiers they belong to Prö Frötts due to a contract that the two entities created. There are also various other divisions such as the Black Wing Army, Air Force, and Navy who report back to Prö Frötts who report back to Bridt Schtricksüker.

Technological Level

The country has a technology level that is modern and near future. Although not everyone has access to things like smartphones everyone can find whatever they want with a computer that they can either own or get access to computers at libraries. There are a few holograms but those are used by the richest people in the country.

Agriculture & Industry

Pfussäwinn Witts is the largest company in Bridt Sche they run and take care of all significant agriculture and industry in the country for Bridt Schtricksüker. Well, that was the purpose of this and other companies that now barely or do not exist, but since Pfussäwinn Witts has taken over all other facets of the government they do a lot more than this. Before Pfussäwinn Witts took over this facet there were other companies that also sat on the council in order to help regulate these things. In order for the companies to sit on the council, they have to agree that they will not use the various laws to take over the businesses of other people. Pfussäwinn Witts was able to get away with this however by slowly taking over the parts of the government.

Trade & Transport

Trade is run by Wen Fleppdt which manages all transportation of persons and goods through train, road, air, and portal to move them to other places in the country, to other countries, and even other worlds. Wen Fleppdt works with the Portal Master in allowing goods and people to move through portals but the Portal Master is not always considered to be a part of the organization. Although he runs a business that is transportation he often the only one that can keep a lot of the portals. Wen Fleppdt is also owned by Pfussäwinn Witts since the company owns everything that is being shipped anyway it was not hard for the company to take this branch over. The members of this council are the Portal Master and others specialize in maintaining the laws of travel and the roads, rails, and air space.


There are various types of schools throughout the country from private to public schools. Bridt Schtricksüker is a strong believer that education is important so that all children can be aware of the rule of law, the history of the country and that of Miyla, and necessary skills such as reading, math, and household management. Other than those requirements there are is no educational law or requirement. Also whenever higher education is beneficial to get a job the person who wants that can borrow money from the government if needed to complete that education.


Wen Tardtro keeps the infrastructure from collapsing on itself and is one of the broadest departments as it has healthcare, waste management, housing, and various other things that are not in the bounds of the other departments. Pfussäwinn Witts has also taken over this department under the same owning practically everything. Bridt Schtricksüker is not the best at managing and keeping their country.
Founding Date
March 18th, 3000
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Flight, the Black Flight, Black Lounge
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Like all of the dragon countries of Miyla Bridt Schtricksüker uses Dragon Money which is what the coins that are used throughout the world are called at times because of the small Coin Dragons that hoard a single coin. Those coins can be obsidian, gold, silver, or a pearl but the coins that are often used by this government and their country are the obsidian, gold, and silver coins. For bills, these dragons use slivers of processed ebony wood with printed values on them that are backed up by the precious metals in the coins. If a dragon does not want to use these more traditional methods of buying and selling banks can issue debit cards and a few lenders exist where credit cards can be issued.
Legislative Body
The council writes the laws of the land through voting and debating what is needed in their country. They listen to the concerns of the people and make amendments to the law to better govern the people. The council is made up of about four to six Elder Dragons and rotate the title of Chairman who presides over the proceedings of the meeting. All other branches of the government report to this branch or at least that is how things ran before the government was overthrown.
Judicial Body
Another council of twelve judges makes the high court of the country with various smaller courts that take care of less important things. They interpret and have a division that enforces the law. This branch is called Kwönnsch Püerngsing and is now mostly owned by Pfussäwinn Witts who train the Harchashtopleö and Harchashtowähtükailk of the Söchdt Blannäbe Schennsch who are special agents that help Kwönnsch Püerngsing enforce the law. Since Pfussäwinn Witts basically owned the SBS is a branch of the government was the first one that fell to the company's take over. A few of the judges are still loyal to Bridt Schtricksüker and do their best to help those that are trying to tilt power back into Bridt Schtricksüker's favor with pardons or less steep sentencing.
Subsidiary Organizations
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Manufactured Items
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Although enemies due to the Black and White Treaty the two countries are having an uneasy peace.



At War

Bridt Schtricksüker was the governing body of Bridt Sche before they were overthrown by Pfussäwinn Witts. Of course, Bridt Schtricksüker didn't like that and wants their power back.