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Tuzæk Tuɦegasa

"The government of the Golden Dragons is structured to breed distrust and secerts. The people are suspious after fighting so many wars for a throne that many will not see."
- Travel Guide


At the top of the government are the Sâki and his family who rule over Tuzæksoskī which has had several civil wars such as the Golden Wars. Due to the wars most Golden Wing Flight Shifter Dragon Houses have a Sâki in the family tree somewhere.   Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō is not just the religious heart of the empire but also serves the Sâki as a secret police much like an inquisition. The highest members of the religion report directly to the Sâki and other members of the family. Much like the old Black Wing Flight religion of Ci Scá Múnt was a branch of House Briknomm who ruled Bridt Sche for a time. Since the Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō Monks are trained to be stealthy and work closely with the government most are cautious of what they say around them.   Next are the Vôzâmū ɦūb Bāssā (/ˈzəmuː ɦuːb baːsˈsaː/ Lords of the Territory, Yellow Draconic) these lords each control a territory of the empire and report to the Sâki. Together the lords make up a council and rule the country as a unit. Of course, the common people believe that all of the nobles are in bed together and see this council as proof of that because only Dragons can be a part of this.   Various other councils that focus on agriculture, trade, and the military are overseen by the high council and the Sâki.


The inner workings of the government are complex and rather secretive as the Dragon Houses rule without the involvement of the Mortals Races. They are rather secretive and at times the politics get back stabby involving the Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō Monks. Most people don't trust each other all that much so it is always a matter of time before the next war either with themselves or one of the other Flights.

Public Agenda

As a government, their agenda is to represent the country and the people within to the rest of Miyla. International politics aside the government has the rule to protect their people, lands, and interests.
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