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Fur Dragons

One of the Shifter Dragons that has fur and since these dragons have the ability to shift they also have the same powers and abilities such as being able to open and maintain portals.

Basic Information


These dragons are a large winged race that has two legs, two arms, two wings, and one tail. They are cover in fur and have velvet wings and share no qualities with Scale Dragons or Feather Dragons other than being dragons and having the ability to shift. They can also be long and serpentine without wings like some scale dragons.

Genetics and Reproduction

Fur dragons have more in common with manuals than they do with egg-laying dragons since these dragons do not lay eggs. Female fur dragons are impregnated by a male dragon during Mating Season which is the time when female dragons are fertile and happens every few thousand years till the female becomes an Elder Dragon. The dragonlings are carried by the mother till it is time for her to give birth. The children will always have traits of both parents while their main fur color will always be that of their father's and secondary colors and patterns will be from their mother.

Growth Rate & Stages

The pregnancy of a fur dragon lasts 100 to 150 years during this time the female is looked after by other dragons since she cannot fly or fend for herself while pregnant. The dragon that looks after a pregnant female the most is her mate and he will not break the Dragon Pairing until after the dragonlings are fully developed. The mate will protect the female to death ensure her safety and that of the future of their race. When she gives birth she can have a litter of 10 to 20 dragonlings. Some complications can occur during pregnancy and labor so it is rare for the whole litter to survive birth. It takes these dragons 1,500 to fully develop with their wings being some of the last parts to come in at full strength. Depending on the flight depending on whether or not it is acceptable to have dragonlings with a female who is still developing.

Biological Cycle

Fur dragons will shed throughout the year to get spring and winter coats since they have different types of coats that serve to protect them in different climates and weather. Dragons that have longer and more heavy fur live in the more northern parts of the world while those with short fur can live just about anywhere.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The fur and hide of these dragons can be used to make some armor that is lightweight and strong. The fur can also be woven into ropes that will no break. Dragon bones can be used to create powerful portal anchors that are needed to create and maintain all portals. Dragon's blood can be used in a variety of potions that can increase resistance to magic, allow water breathing for a time, fire resistance, and portal stabilization. Dragons' claws and teeth can be used to create sharp weapons that are much more durable than those of steel.   Some dragons are willing to sell their shredded fur to the other races but all dragons do not want to talk about such practices. Some dragons are willing to sell their blood to Alchemists so that these powerful potions can be made. All dragons, however, will not part with claw, tooth, or bone making these three resources very rare as they can only be found in dragon boneyards. The dragons are protective of their dead and fly over them sometimes to scare off the unwary scavenger that tries to disturb these places.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most fur dragons live on Miyla the dragon homeworld preferring to live in cold to temperate locations not liking very hot environments.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Out of the three dragon types the fur dragons are believed to be the most caring in their important relationships such as parent and child relationships and partner relationships. Although that is not always the case and mainly based on how mortals see the dragons. However, since furry pairs are often paired longer than those of the scaled or feathered varieties they value mutual respect in their relationships with their parents and children.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Fur dragons biologically are the only dragons that can have children with the other races. Even though all dragons can shift that does not mean that their basic biology and how they can have children changes when they do. Doing this however is found on because half-dragons do not live that long so might as well not even try it. Other than their ability to have kids with other races that will most likely die a premature death fur dragons get along well with other dragons and the races due to their even temperament most of the time. Like the other dragons, fur dragons are down to letting mortals get up to shenanigans without batting an eye, unless if said shenanigans is trying to a dragon.