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The living magic within people and animals this magic is recycled into Konn Prünnzu when they die. However, Necromancers can use this magic in complex rituals and are even known to store this type of magic in Astral Lamps or Soul Stones for later use. Although this material is known as Soul it is not the full souls of the people and creatures that is comes from but is the part that is the magical ability of the people and the animals.


Origin & Source

It is all living things.

History & Usage


Qaydith is the god credited with the discovery of Necromancy so he is given the credit for the discovery in religion Ci Scá Múnt. However, his brother Tialímin the God of Death and his realm The Gloom Path is very closely tied to the souls of the followers so using them a magic reserve is considered awful by one god and fine by the other. Although, not credited with the discovery Lynir the God of Rebirth is also important to this material in the religion not just because he is the God of Rebirth but because his father is Tialímin. Lynir is also worshipped with his uncle Qaydith in The Cult of Bhoa dru Durá which is enough to make Miylian Elder scholars to study the connections with these three gods to get an understanding of souls and how they were used for magic.   The Black Wing Flight credits Schaudteif who is a Fur Dragons that invented Necromancy with the discovery of soul and its use in magic. Schaudteif's invention of Necromancy within the Conjuration School was because he wanted the Mortals Races to also live forever but not even magic can keep them alive.

Everyday use

In Necromancy rituals such as the Binding Ritual Necromancers will channel the victim's magic for the ritual and that is considered to be the victim's magical soul. Keep in mind that this is just the magic that a person or animal has and is everything that makes up the spirit of the person. A Necromancer who doesn't want to do rituals like this will use a magical slime creature called a Witchlight and drain them of their magic.    The other thing that Necromancers commonly use souls for is storage for a magic reserve they do this inside Soul Stones which can hold one soul at a time. Breaking the gem or channeling the magic out of the stone is how any caster can use the magic and it is common for Necromancers to sell them as magic stones and Soul Stones hoping that people will be too stupid to realize what it is or ask what kind of soul is in it. Astral Lamps are also used to store souls but it can hold more than one soul in it however these things are not sold to general casters and is only used by Necromancers.   Most people will channel their souls or magic to cast spells throughout the day as they need depending on what spells they use during the day.
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