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"Some of the monsters you will see are stone," Schaudteif mused.
These monsters are part spider and part dark elf. They tend to be good at handicrafts and storytelling. They serve as messengers to their goddess, Solsínabh. They have silky words and perfect dark magic.

Basic Information


The drider is part spider and part dark elf. So let's break the drider down into its two parts and then talk about how those parts are joined. First, the elven part of the drider is only from the hips up.   The elven part will have all of the limbs and parts that he/she has before turning into a drider. The elven part will have two arms. Each arm will have hands and each hand will have five fingers. There will be a neck and a head. The head will have two eyes, two pointed ears, one nose, and one mouth. The head will then have hair.   Second the spider body. The spider part will have the spider cephalothorax. The cephalothorax will have all eight legs with four on each side. The front of the cephalothorax had two pedipalps, which are kind of like arms. From the cephalothorax, there is an abdomen. On the abdomen at the end there are spinnerets.   On a normal spider, the chelicerae (the spider's mouth) are at the front of the spider. The eyes are on the top of the spider. Now the drider doesn't have chelicerae or spider eyes. Where the spider eyes is were is where the dark elven's hips go. The elven part should look painfully placed on the spider's body.

Genetics and Reproduction

The drider does not reproduce. They are made through a Ritual. If the drider is able to turn back into a dark elf they will still not be able to reproduce.

Ecology and Habitats

The drider is at home in dark caves. The darker the cave the better. They do not like the sunlight and will avoid it. If prey runs into the sunlight they will let it go.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Drider can eat just about anything. They will still enjoy their favorite foods from before the ritual. But they will also eat raw meat and live bugs that get on their webs.


The driders seem to be terrified all the time. This is because becoming a drider is a painful process and is viewed as punishment. Driders are only made because of the will of the spider goddess of the dark elves. They are turned into driders as a punishment. In order to become normal again they will have to obey the will of the goddess completely. If a drider is found to not be following the will of the goddess they will be killed.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The drider has normal senses. They can see, hear, smell, and touch. They do have some heightened senses. They can also see in the dark like normal some normal dark elves. The drider can also spin webs and some different spider venoms without getting hurt themselves. The drider's spider's body and legs allow the drider to climb up walls and on ceilings. The drider is also able to walk on webs. If the dark elf could use magic before turning into a drider they will still be able to see magic on the same level. Driders will avoid the sunlight does it will hurt their eyes. Sometimes too much sunlight will turn a drider into stone.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Elven Spider
Conservation Status
The drider is believed to be extinct to the common folk. But to the dark elves, these monsters are very real. The drider are thought to sacred to the spider goddess and sometimes Qaydith.
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