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Drider Tactical Signals

Raga watched the Drider as they circled the camp and also watched him. The Barrier around the camp protected Raga from them so he procedeed to play with the fire and ingore them. Their movements were different from just watching as they made unfamiliar gestures with their hands that carried through the bodies of the Drider.   "What are they talking about?" Raga wondered looking back up at them.   They seemed aware that he didn't unstand what they were signing and keep singalling to each other. Raga shrugged and put the fire out draining the light from the night and going into the tent to sleep reasured that the barrier would hold and that the Drider would not beable to get into the camp. In the morning a few of the Drider were still lingering but not as close as to the camp as they were during the night. The Drider signaled something to someone that Raga could not see.   "Were they talking about me?" Raga asked his Jiebo Meelacha¬†as perpared to break camp.
This language is primarily utilized by the Drider within The Waves to communicate with each other. The language became utilized by the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elder Elves who lived with the Drider for thousands of years. The primary purpose of the language was to communicate with each other during stealthy missions or if verbal communication is not possible for whatever reason. As time passed the language grew to not just a tactical language but a general language to be used by people with hearing impairments or to talk with each other around people who don't the signals.
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