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The Waves

The Waves are a geological marvel on the border of the two warring countries, Bridt Sche and Tuzæksoskī. These mountains are on a ley-line, so several peaks in the range look like a frozen storm on the ocean. There are a few mountains that look normal within the mountain range with one of them running through the fossilized Shifter Dragon which has served as a warning for flying over the mountains. The region in Bridt Sche is owned by House Soyla because Soül Soyla is the one who calmed the mountains so they don't move nearly as much.


The mountain range is on the border between Bridt Sche and Tuzæksoskī completely separating the two countries. The mountains look like a still turbulent sea that is made of land with a few normal-looking mountains sprinkled in the range. The mountains are mostly rocky and they have some trees and rivers that are scattered throughout the range with a few forested areas but they are closer to the foot of the mountains. The reason why there aren't a lot of forests in the mountains is that the mountains move so the ground is not stable for long-term growth.   Within the mountains is a massive cave system with the largest cavemouth being the Court of the Spider Queen which is a landmark visible to the main trail that goes through the mountain. The cave is believed to be where Spider Queen Solsínabh lives and her old religion, Ci Scá Múnt, believed that all of the realms where the gods live and represent their spheres are within The Waves. This religion believed that all of the realms were within the mountains which is why the mountains move.


The mountains themselves are arid and are more akin to deserts with a few pockets of growth. There are a few forests on the Bridt Sche side of the mountain but not much due to the plains that make up most of that side. The Tuzæksoskī side is more lush and green with a bit more forest with rice fields and other agriculture such as Solar Tea which has changed the ecosystem on that side for farming. The main thing that is a concern for the mountains is that they are on a strong ley-line which made the mountains move due to magical storms.

Localized Phenomena

The Waves are on top of a leyline with a nexus point that crosses it. The region suffers from magical storms that make the land acts like an ocean when the storms rage. When the storms are not raging the mountains are still and safe to cross. There are enchanted camps along the various trails in the mountains to serve as safe places not just from dangerous wildlife but the mountains themselves if a storm starts to rage turning the still sea into a dangerous one. Due to how dangerous the mountains are it is encouraged to not use magic while traveling across the mountains or to fly over it regardless if it's a Dragon or an airship.


The mountains themselves are arid because long-term plants can't grow on the mountains while the environments near the mountains are often more verdant.

Fauna & Flora

Farming is something that both sides utilize so the animals that are commonly seen near settlements are Cockatrices, Afpessdt, Öng, Wave Goat and Jiebo Meelacha. They are used for food, milk, and transportation through the mountains. Also, due to farming the plants that are often near the settlements are Asianna, D’īg Muf, and Solar Tea. These plants are used to make bread and various teas. Farming is common in the country areas but there there are species that are native that are not farmed because they are too hard to farm.   There are a few plants and animals that are common to the mountains but they cannot be farmed for legal reasons. First is Osuchi which is a temperamental plant that only grows by Ley-Enriched Springs which are common but well hidden in caves that are hard to find because they off the path. Other plants that grow in The Waves are catus, grass, flowers, and a few other such plants. There Carbuncles do live in the mountains but they are hard to spot because of their Illusion magic makes them look like a rock. Giant Spiders live in the caves and sometimes wander the mountains which are fought often without magic because of how dangerous it is magic in the mountains.   Although rarely seen Husks are in the Waves because the former capital of Bridt Sche, Ubudongiu, did practice laws where Necromancy was the punishment. The Golden Wing Flight's belief that the mountains are haunted. The other creature that lives in the mountains but is rarely seen by travelers through the mountains is the Driders. The Driders were created through an old Drider Rite that is not done anymore. They are believed to have been the first guides through the mountains and most will choose to ignore them and avoid the Court of the Spider Queen where they live.

Natural Resources

Konn Prünnzu is commonly found here because of the nexus and with the storms that rage through the region at times, it is also natural Focus Crystals that can be found throughout the region but they can be dangerous to harvest because of the Driders and spiders. Due to the number of giant spiders in the mountains, it is possible with a decent amount of danger to harvest Spider Silk.


The Knomm Grähi region is The Waves and the surrounding areas near the mountains. Knomm Grähi Regional History focuses on the history of the region which has a lot of ties to the histories of Bridt Sche and of Miyla as a whole. This region used to be the seat of power of Bridt Sche because this was where Fa Geinn ruled from. When Bridt Schtricksüker was created the family lost most of their power and the region's control went to Soül Soyla, the Portal Master, and his family the Portal Master who tamed The Waves and created the safe havens where travelers can camp.   The most recent major historical event that took place in The Waves was Sürl Dussch when Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser where all killed. The incident also resulted in the nearby town Tichenfdt Ronnts being completely destroyed and killing everyone who lived there expect for Aùshe Sûngâzuōng who is the only known survivor of the attack who was asked to stay publicly quiet over the details of what happened under the request of Soül Soyla who owns her under Knochdtün Gussdt Ügng.


With the beautiful views and unique features of the mountains, it is surprising that not many people come to see them. Of course, being on the board of two warring countries does make this a less desirable place to come and visit. In addition to the magical storms that cause the mountains to move are something that makes people hesitant to visit.   The small town at the foot of the mountains is called Tichenfdt Ronnts where people can hire a guide for Jiebo Meelacha tours of the mountains. The town has a hotel that is decent in size that was owned by Tiutme Soyla the Elven wife of Soül. There is also some shopping which makes it a good tourist stop and an important one for visiting The Waves. Near the towns, there are the ruins of Ubudongiu which was the capital of Bridt Sche once. The ruins are not used as a tourist destination in The Waves because Soül has forbidden traveling to it or use of it as a destination. Since the ruins are technically under Soül's control he is content to let the buildings rot.   While doing tours in the waves most will request looking at the mouth of the Court of the Spider Queen cave which has carved text around it in the now dead Dark Wave Language. There are also a few other decorations by the cave that may have served some religious purpose. Looking at the Court of the Spider Queen is fine but tourists and the guides are not allowed to go near the cave let alone go into it because of the Drider that live in it.   There is also a city on the other side of the border where the Golden Wing Flight is known to be superstitious about the mountains and the turbulent magic within it. The closest city Dōhoktaekhoz is by the mountains and is part of Bridt Sche extending their border to the river. The city is known for its tea is important for trade in its region.
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