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Knomm Grähi (knom ˈgʁeːɪ)

"Knomm Grähi, the arid plains on the foot of the Waves on the side of Bridt Sche."  
- Travel Guide


The mountains of The Waves serve as the border of Bridt Sche and Tuzæksoskī. The mountains have a rain shadow on the side of Tuzæksoskī which makes the land lush leaving less rain for the Bridt Sche side.

Localized Phenomena

The desert makes up most of the country and this is because of Pfussäwinn Witts harvesting Konn Prünnzu to power the country. Konn Prünnzu is the magical energy of Miyla and is an important part of the ecosystems of many regions on the planet. Since there is not much Konn Prünnzu inside this region near the surface the area is dry in addition to not getting a lot of rain.


This dessert was more of a plain in the past before the resource of Konn Prünnzu was mined. After years of reckless mining and war, the plain is arider and seems more like a desert.


The border of the Waves is a small border town called Tichenfdt Ronnts which is owned by Soül Soyla the Black Wing Fur Dragon Portal Master who was the only dragon that was able to calm the Waves and set up barriers to makes traveling the Waves a bit safer. Tichenfdt Ronnts is a tourist town that does tours through the Waves. Since the Waves are dangerous there is a station away from where TrainsBuses and other places to store vehicles far away from the dangerous Waves.    Further away from the border is a larger city called Schproülaudt Schtrücker which is a tourist trap. This city has one of the largest theatres in the country and is often festive with a large fairground. The city's strategic location has made it a target in the wars that have made it build up its defense.
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Wave Desert
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