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Portal Master

By working with Portal Wardens the Portal Master is able to keep portal traffic through the worlds.
  There are as many Portal Masters as there are Dragon Flights. Each flight tends to different portal nexuses that connect the different worlds. The flights tend to the portals that reflect their own views. For example, the Pearl Flight tends to portals that go to Shinia and the Black Flight tends to the portals that go to Dolwen.   Portal Wardens, which are like Portal Masters, are supposed to tend to normal portal maintenance. That leaves bigger issues for the Portal Master. The Portal Master makes sure that the portals are running smoothly and that people who have travel bans can't use a portal. Their job is very important but takes a lot of time. Portal Masters are rarely seen and almost never talk to anyone who is not a Portal Warden.   The basics of the Portal Master's job is to maintain order. This can be tricky since portals can easily become unstable or rouge. It is the Portal Master's job to shut down these portals so they don't jeopardize other portals. This job takes a lot of time and energy from the Portal Master. It is not uncommon for each flight to have two Portal Masters. This system makes it easier for the Portal Masters to rest.


To be a Portal Master you have to be a Winged Dragon. This is because Winged Dragons are the only race that can survive in space for hundreds of years. This makes it easier to tend to the portals. The Portal Master also has to be an Elder Dragon and profesent in Alteration magic. They also need a deep understanding of Portal Magic. It can take thousands of years to be given the title.


The title and all of its responsibilities are given to Elder Dragons who have proven themselves as Portal Wardens. The flight's leaders will give the title and its burdens. Once the flight has appointed a new Portal Master the master is expected to start work right away.


The Portal Master makes sure that the day to day operations of the Cosmic Rail are tended too. The Cosmic Rail is the magical tie that connects one world to another. The Portal Master can stop people and groups of people from using portals.
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