Tichenfdt Ronnts

"Well alva, there goes investigating the fire with all of these new building up it'll be harder to find the source," Venkaprja said looking around the town that was supposed to be in ruins.   "Somehow all of this makes me feel hopeful," Aùshe whispered clasping her hands and looking around at the familiar streets, "even if we cannot find out that fire started it makes me happy that instead of despair these people saw a home in the ruins and built it. Even though things seem to be in ruins I am sure that we can still win and make this country a better place."
A mountain village that is on the border of Bridt Sche and Tuzæksoskī within its history the town has been one of the first trade stops between the countries and has severed a place where armies have passed through.


The natural defense of the town is the mountains that surround it but since it was close to a lot of the fighting on the border in the Dragon Wars there are walls around the town with gates.


There is a Jiebo Meelacha post that does tours of The Waves. There are also some shops and other tourist things that sell souvenirs for people to buy. Some taverns and inns serve as a place to stay.


3 years ago Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser lead by Bridtrerchier Mäpwüsofdt under the orders of Pfussäwinn Witts a power company not Prö Frötts the leaders of the Black Wing Army. Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser came to investigate something about a Konn Prünnzu reactor near the town that powered it that stopped working. So with Aùshe as a guide they went to the reactor. What they found changed and ended a lot of peoples lives.   According to Sädägier Pfussäwinn the president of Pfussäwinn Witts Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser turned on the infantry that was there to help them in their mission and said that they were spies for Tuzæksoskī. The infantry fought bravely but they could not beat the specialized group. The only one who survived said that he saw Bridtrerchier turn on the others and killed Alls and Raga Soyla within the reactor before going after Venkaprja. In their fight, the Crimson Wing Flight dragon, Venkaprja, set fire to the town that engulfed it with fire attacks from both dragons. The fire claimed both dragons and most of the town.   Shortly after this incident the Black Wing Flight and the Pearl Flight got together and signed the Black and White Treaty which put an end to the war for those dragons.   After the fire cooled other people from other mountain towns came and saw that they had been burned to the ground and once they looked for survivors. When they could not find any they buried the dead and started to fortify the town again sending some of the people to their hometowns. The people who investigated the fire saw how well protected and defensible the town was and brought their families to it. After clearing the town and rebuilding those who choose to stay called the town their new home.   The only thing that was different from these people was that when they looked for survivors they could not find the bodies of Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser within the village or at the reactor.


Being at the foot of the Waves people come and visit the city to see such a wonder.


The city is built on the plain that is on the foot of the Waves that is barren and a desert.

Miyla Black Dragonic


Mountian Border Village

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