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Fa Geinn Temple District

"Oh, our old temples... You should have them back in the day. Mine was quite something."
Now in ruins the Temple District of Ubudongiu use to be the seat of power for Fa Geinn, the Dark Guides, who ruled Bridt Sche a long time ago.


The temple district is where the Black Wing Flight Shifter Dragon House Briknomm lives and rules over Bridt Sche, well before they were overthrown and the city razed.   The other people who live in the Temple District are the Priests who of course work in the temples and serve the gods. The priests also to services and hold corporate worship for the people in the city. If the gods are in town it is a festival day for them it was not uncommon for the gods to do this instead. The Priests were Miylian Elders and Chlai Elves.   The Temple guards are made up of Drider and Dragonborn with the goal of maintaining order and protecting the worshippers.    The last group of people that live and work in this area is the Giustanonne who were made up of Elves, Humans, and Kastal Okeri. They did most of the busy work for the temples from cleaning and gardening to helping with some of the rituals.


This district is ruled directly by Fa Geinn who are worshipped by Ci Scá Múnt as their Guides.


There are walls with various weaponry mounted at various points on the wall. The Waves protect the city from the Golden Wing Flight Dragons in Tuzæksoskī the shifting mountains make it dangerous to attack the city. Most don't want to bother taking Ubudongiu because of the rumors that Fa Geinn can move the mountains at will.


There are fifteen temples and shrines within the walls of the district where the gods live and where they are worshipped. Outside of the walls, there are buildings that are lined up by the walls where most of the priests live with some inns and a few shops. There is a garden outside of the temples and there is a smaller section of the city where more priests and their families live. In that area, there are also some shops but not many.   Under Ubudongiu there is a massive tunnel series where the garrisons are that protects the district and keeps the slaves from running away. Directly under the Spider Queen's temple, and many of the others, is the Court of the Gods where Fa Geinn rules Bridt Sche as family. Down an off-shot path that is under, Qaydith's temple is a Shrine of the Bhoa dru Durá which is something that annoyed Tialímin the God of the Afterlife.

Guilds and Factions

The various cults that make-up Ci Scá Múnt are within the temple district. Each god has their own cult or several and all find a place to worship at the various temples.


The former capital of Bridt Sche is now in ruins this is what the city looked like.

March 15th, 3000

Founding Date
June 15th, 20
Alternative Name(s)
Dwelling of the Gods, The Temples
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Priests, Servants of the Gods, The Gods
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