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Temple of the Spider Queen

Purpose / Function

The purpose of temples to the Spider Queen is to worship Solsínabh. The temple was used as a place to craft and create things for the religion and the temples or to learn how to weave, paint, or create various other arts and handicrafts. These lessons are focused on learning about the beauty in everyday things and that things that are worth doing should be done well. The teachers were the Priests to the Spider Queen and they must be knowledgeable in various crafts. In addition to the everyday worship at the temple, festivals happen at the temple primarily during the fall where Giustanonne slaves are bleed for the goddess and in honor of her design woven into the world.   The temple was also one of the seats of power in Bridt Sche when Fa Geinn was ruling over the country. Solsínabh was not just a goddess but a Queen and ruler of the country. The temple is where the goddess resided and she was rarely outside her temple, if she was she was believed to be in the Court of the Spider Queen her divine realm.


The large temple room in the center of the building is where the daily rituals happen and some special ones. Due to this, there are basins that are used to collect the blood of Giustanonne slaves to honor the goddess. The blood is drained when the basins get full but scholars are not sure what happened to it because they can't go to the ruins to study them. That aside, at the end of the room was a massive throne and web where Solsínabh would lounge and lead her followers. Nearby would be a loom or other such projects for her to amuse herself with if nothing interesting was happening. Of course, the ruins are all that remains and only holding a faint candle to what it was like.


Solsínabh doesn't live in the temple but in the Court of the Spider Queen although the Spider Queen did spend a lot of time in her temple before it was razed. Outside of the temple Dragonborn guards protect the ground and watch the slaves that are working the grounds. The interior of the temple was protected by Drider guards especially the closer to the sanctum people got to. Throughout the temple Giustanonne slaves cleaned and maintained the building assisting worshippers. Priests also worked in the temple and carried out various religious tasks.


After the fires settled in Ubudongiu the temple was still standing but as time passed the temple started to degrade and fall apart. The ruins are not as awe-inspiring but now are a scary reminder of a time when the gods ruled over the land which in the case of a chaotic goddess like Solsínabh was real and dangerous.


The temple was built out of stone that was quarried from the foothills of The Waves and is decorated with Spider Silk drapes, imported gold and marble overlays on the pillars and floors. Now the building is just ruins with cracked and burnt stone and marble with the gold being stripped by scavengers a long time ago.


The temple was protected by Dragonborn and Drider guards when the temple was active. Now the temple is watched over by Dragonborn guards that are employed by House Soyla Portal Master Soül Soyla who doesn't want people trespassing on the ruins so they can rot in peace. However, these guards are not always at the ruins to guard them because of how remote the location is. Most won't go into the ruins because they don't want to anger a Fur Dragon.
March 15th, 3,000
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October 14th, 30
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