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Spider Silk

Her dress was spider silk and she smiled vain and proud of the clothes that she spun.
A rare textile that comes from Giant Spiders that can only be harvested in the wild, or well until the researchers figure out how to make the world's most terrifying farms and finds anyone crazy enough to work them.


Material Characteristics

A fiber that is often found within Giant Spider caves in webs that are often sticky to catch prey in the webs.

Physical & Chemical Properties

To the touch, the silk is sticky in the caves of the Giant Spiders to trap prey and become a meal for later. When the silk is processed it is silky and soft to the touch.

Geology & Geography

This material is found within The Waves inside of Giant Spider caves which can be hard to find the ever moving mountains. There are a few spider nests in other places in Miyla but most are near the mountains. The running theory as to why the spiders live in and around The Waves is because the legendary Court of the Spider Queen is within the mountains and is visible from the path. In the mythology of Ci Scá Múnt the Spider Queen Solsínabh dwells within that cave and since she is the Queen the spiders gather around her. The scientific community has been trying to work out different theories pending volunteers to go and study them.

Origin & Source

This material comes out of the web spinners of Giant Spiders and is placed around caves. The Hymn of Veglienna also states that spider silk can also come from the web spinners of Drider and some historians believe that since Drider don't lose their Elven selves that the driver provided the bulk of the silk for the Miylian Elders. Those that wish to study more to find out must get permission from Portal Master Soül Soyla which he usually denies.

History & Usage


Spider Silk was important to the Miylian Elders and the Shifter Dragons and used to create clothes, drapery, sheets, covers, pillows, luxury blankets, curtains, bows, and ribbons. This has been discovered by looking at historical texts and the few articles that have survived. This is because the people that lived in the Knomm Grähi region of Bridt Sche had special access to Giant Spiders and it is known that Drider did live in the area. The things that were made of spider silk were worn by the rich and the Priests scholars believe that this is because spiders were scared to Ci Scá Múnt. Some common people also had spider silk articles but they were for special occasions.   In the modern time, Miyla spider silk is used for the same reasons it is just expensive because harvesting it from giant spider caves is dangerous, and most adventurers and Mercenaries will not go to harvest the silk. It's dangerous because it is strongly advised to not use magic in The Waves because the mountains can move at a Fire Blast if a caster is not careful. Most weapons don't do much against giant spiders making the venture difficult.


It is believed that Spider Queen Solsínabh is the one who discovered the silk and made it scared to herself.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Back when Ci Scá Múnt was the prominent religion in Bridt Sche spider silk was used in all of Ubudongiu's Temples to decorate and to clothe the Priests and the Fa Geinn.

Manufacturing & Products

Since spider silk fiber is sticky it is first washed in alcohol to remove the sticky quality of the fiber. Once that is finished the fiber is dried and then washed again in water to get the alcohol smell off. At this point, the fiber is either woven into thread or fabric. After this, the silk is mostly done if white is the color that is wanted. For every other color, the silk and thread are dyed by soaking in the color and then drying one last time. Once it's ready to be used the silk is wrapped into bolts which are then sold to the various creatives that will make all of the things out of the fabric.


The most hazardous part of all of this in modern times is getting the silk fiber from the Giant Spiders because they are dangerous. Many have died and have not been found.


Trade & Market

Spider Silk and its products are a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. High-end textile sellers sell this fabric usually to businesses such as tailors and other high-end creators. However, these sellers do sell to some middle-class targeted craft stores but only after their deals with high-end clients. These craft stores then sell to hobbyists that decided that they need to use the silk for a project which doesn't happen often because it is expensive.


The fabric is stored on cardboard bolts that the silk is wrapped around. Once the silk is on the bolt it is placed in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag to keep the silk clean and safe while in transit. Spools of the thread are treated in the same way.
1,000 Veni per bolt, 250 Veni per yard, 100 Veni per spool
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