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Giant Spider

"We can't go through the Waves they are dangerous," Dōnlau cried.   "We are not travelling through the Waves we are rebuilding and driving the critters away again," Raga said reasuring the girl.   "The critters?" Nyesi asked.   "Yeah, the gaint spiders that live in the mountains mainly," Aùshe said.   "The what!?" Nyesi yelled.
The holy creatures of Solsínabh the Spider Queen is a symbol of her power as what the spin is already woven. They are also terrifying and hard to fight because magic can't be used against them since they live in the volatile Waves.

Basic Information


Like most spiders, these big guys have eight legs attached to the cephalothorax with four on either side. In front of the spider and under the face are its pedipalps used as arms and work as more reasons to be creeped out by these things. The faces of the spiders have eight eyes on their faces with pinchers that lead to the mouth. On the other side of the cephalothorax is the abdomen with a web spinner on the tip with a stinger.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like most spiders they lay eggs, sadly that is all that is known about the giant spider partly because very few people want to study these things, and the few books the Miylian Elders did write on the subject are greatly damaged.

Ecology and Habitats

The giant spiders primarily live in The Waves within caves. However, they do wander around outside of the caves as well.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat meat and usually hunt Wave Goats however, they have no problems hunting everything else and anyone who is stupid enough to wander off the path.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The webbing that they spin can be harvested as Spider Silk which is used to make dresses, shirts, curtains, and various other textile goods. Back in the day of the Miylian Elders they did spider farms for the silk. A brave adventurer who wants to make a quick Veni can always venture into the caves and collect what they dare but they should be ready to fight.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Giant Spiders are holy animals, if you can call a giant bug-thing that, of Solsínabh the Spider Queen. Her old cult within Ci Scá Múnt saw them as a symbol of her power and her creativity. The fact that the giant spiders can spin an already loosely woven tapestry.
Conservation Status
Most people want to kill these things so conservation is not something most people are thinking about.
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