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Ubudongiu (ˈubuˈdɔnʤu)

This is a ruin and was the capital of the Black Dragon Flight.


The people who lived in the city were Shifter Dragons, Dragonborns, Elves, and Driders of the Black Wing Flight and Miylian Elders ethnicities. The Dragons hold the most powerful class in society in leadership and are at the highest level of society. The Dragonborns and Driders are often servants to the Dragons serving as guards for hatcheries and the police in the city also assisting the Dragons as personal assistants. The Dragonborns are held in high regard because they are still seen as Dragons. The Elves often do a lot of the other work from architecture, agriculture, as artisans, and various other jobs within the city. Wealth is earned through hard work and Elves that serve as Priest to the gods are held in high regard.   During The Refugee Crisis  Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and Okeri start to move to Miyla. Within the city of Ubudongiu Humans and Dwarves blended well with the smaller population of Miylian Elders which was decreased through the Drider Rite and Miylian War that drove most of the Elves out of Miyla. Elves did return to Miyla during the Refugee Crisis but they were different from the Miylain Elders. Ubudongiu was one of the first cities that had all races living within one city.   The Humans and the Dwarves took up the jobs that the Elves also had to maintain the city and naturally gravitated to those types of work. The Humans that lived in Ubudongiu where Jade and Arthurian coming from Earth in places called Asia and Europe. The Orcs helped the Dragonborn with guarding the city but were also willing to do whatever work the city needed. The Dwarves focused on building the city and doing crafts but most of them went to Nyiltokti Valley to help build a city to represent the newfound relationship with the races. The Okeri people had the worst of it and were enslaved by the higher classes causing them to risk being caught by their masters traveling through The Waves for a better and freer life.


The city was much like Bridt Sche during the time was a Theocracy and the gods were also the rulers and were worshipped as Fa Geinn and were known as House Briknomm to the Dragons. The laws were written by Knommguh who was worshipped as a God of Order, Osara the Goddess of Logic and wife to Kenus the Lord of Magic, and Veninedute the Lady of Wealth. The Codex of Veninedute wasn't just used as a holy book for the goddess but was a major guide on how to use wealth and the stated reasons for taxes and dues to the temple.


The city makes use of The Waves as a natural defense against their enemies in Tuzæksoskī and has a standing garrison.


Near the mountains on Knomm Grähi the arid plains don't have rivers flowing through it but are good for farming. During the time when Ubudongiu was still an active city with farming and mining being the most important exports. The farms also support the city and the fields are still in use in the town of Tichenfdt Ronnts which rose after the city decayed.   There is a garrison with guards in it to protect the city from external threats and internal threats.


One of the most prominent districts is the Fa Geinn Temple District where all of the gods lived and their Priests live. The priest housing is a smaller section of the district with most of the district being gardens and grand walkways between multiple grand temples for the worship of the gods and private rooms where the gods govern the city. Other than the gods the Elven priests live in a rather humble section of the district which was protected by the Drider which are created by the Drider Rite inside the Spider Queen's temple.   The Military District was Ubudongiu's garrison where guards and other military resources such as weapons and magical means of defense. The people that often live here are Dragonborns, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Humans because wanting to protect the city and the people within doesn't just belong to one race. Those stationed in the garrison and living in it are on the rotation amount the guards. There are a few other stations throughout the city that guards work at but don't live in.   The Residental District is the biggest district in the city that houses every one in the city and smaller districts within it. There are poorer areas and richer areas but the purpose of these areas is to house the people. The richest section houses people are the Mason and Artistan Districts because these types of people are highly valued by the temples.   The Market District is rather centrally located in the city and is the busiest section of the city because this is where business happens. The markets sell everything from food to trinkets, household goods, and slaves. The Slave Pens are located in the markets with tunnels in the city that lead to different pens to house them. The ones in the Market District are meant to house slaves temporality until they are sold and go into their masters' houses.   The slaves that do general work in the city live in the pens in the districts where they work in. Slavers who work in the pens are often Elves and Driders, later Orcs also did this work when they moved to the city. The job of the slavers is to either sell the slaves or to keep the slaves on task while they are working. Every race was also part of the slave population but the Okeri were also more often slaves. The Kastal Okeri are mostly descended from the slaves who were lucky enough to escape the city.   The Farming District is outside the walls Ubudongiu and farms crops and animals and is made up of several small villages such as Tichenfdt Ronnts. Since it is an outlining district they see travelers sooner and often host them before going to the city. The Farming District also has the easiest access to The Waves and often works with the Driders in guiding people across the mountains. There were also a few active mines that the people in this district would also work at.




It is believed that this is one of the places where Fioje Prisa was invented by the Miylian Elders which are magical devices that utilize two-way communication.   Due to the nexus at The Waves Konn Prünnzu is common and easy enough to find Focus Crystals such as Fire Crystals and Ley-Enriched Spring water. Nuerune is the material that is also mined from The Waves and is used for various crafts, weapons, and armor.   Spider Silk is another thing that The Waves almost has exclusive access to because most Giant Spiders live in The Waves and the Driders can harvest the spider silk safely. They do this by taking the silk that is already woven into webs in various caves in The Waves.   The farms raise AfpessdtCockatriceJiebo Meelacha, and Öng. The farms grow Asianna primarly.


The is essential to Udubongiu because they were the rulers of the city and the family drama did bleed into the history of the city. History of Ubudongiu show how it became a ruin.


  • Udubongiu
    The former capital of Bridt Sche is now in ruins this is what the city looked like.

March 15th, 3000

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June 15th, 20
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