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These pig-like creatures are native to Miyla and share some the same behavior as pigs on Earth. They can be found on farms throughout Miyla but have a high rate of being farmed in Bridt Sche which is the country that most of the Black Wing Flight Winged Dragons live. Theses animals are prized for their clean and gentle dementors as well as all of the food stuff that these animals produce.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

They mainly eat grains and beans but farmers also feed them other supplement foods so that they have a rounded and healthy diet.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Like pigs on Earth, afpessdtwähtükailk can be used for various foodstuffs from different cuts of meat to different processing methods. They can also help forage for various mushrooms that would otherwise be hard to find without them and some of these mushrooms can be used in alchemy to make a variety of potions. Those mushrooms are prized by Alchemists since they can be hard to find and can be used for a variety of healing potions and others. Their meat is a delicacy in Bridt Sche and is pretty affordable and can be cooked in variety of ways.
Conservation Status
There are wild afpessdtwähtükailk that roam around in the forest and other regions but they are a bit different from the ones that are farmed. They are farmed by many of the inhabitants of Miyla and are well-taken care of. To protect them, they are lodged in styes and are fenced in. Some are taken into the forest to help with foraging.
Geographic Distribution