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Alchemists are often found in universities or as small business owners. Being a versatile field of study for casters there are many things that can be explored through alchemy. They can create various potions that can heal and destroy while others take their knowledge and turn it into explosions. They can be unhinged or unsuspectingly calm depending on the personality of the alchemist because the job does not make people crazy. It is just a consequence that a lot of crazy casters are drawn to making bombs. They are sought after for various reasons and have a lot of services that they can provide.



To be an alchemist one must first be a caster which is a person who is born with the ability to use magic. Although natural talent in magic is not enough to become an alchemist requiring that people who want to become one must either study at college or university, learn from another alchemist, or study alone. If studying under another alchemist the student will follow an apprenticeship model of study before becoming a journeyman and starting their own practice. If they are studying alone they will make use of labs and libraries to expand their own knowledge with their own experimenting.

Career Progression

Once an alchemist becomes a journeyman or a master in their own right they can start their own practice in a local town or city. If they graduate from an institution they can also start a practice, be hired by a school to teach, or be hired by a larger company to work on developing potions or weapons depending on the company and the alchemist. If an alchemist learned what they know on their own they can become freelance or continue their studies elsewhere. If they become freelance they may need to work harder in their communities to build trust before people will buy from them.

Payment & Reimbursement

If they are working for an organization they will be getting steady pay for their work as anyone who will work for companies. If they are small business owners they get paid by people buying their work inside their shops whether or not the shop is brick or mortar or on a form of the internet. If the alchemist is freelance they get paid by the job that is completed.

Other Benefits

Since alchemists have a habit of experimenting on themselves they have built up an immunity to various poisons. Those who mainly make beneficial potions are respected in their communities as for many rural communities in worlds that are not Earth this is the only doctor that they have access to. The research that alchemists do also make them respected and feared in various fields and renowned because of the good and danger that alchemy can create.



Alchemy is very versatile so those who practice it study it for various purposes. Their largest purpose in small communities is that they are apothecaries and serve as doctors in their communities with potions that are curative for many different illnesses. There are also other alchemists that create poisons they can also be found in apothecaries and these poisons can kill small pests and other larger ones. Some poisons can kill the races. Other alchemists create drinks or other items that are exploding when through these can be bombs, missiles, or various other items that have a tendency to blow up. Alchemists that specialize in making things that blow up can be found in engineering workshops and in factories or organizations that work towards creating explosives and weapons.

Social Status

Alchemist that create beneficial potions is respected while those that create poisons and explosives are feared and trusted. Although some poison making alchemists are also trusted since they provide pest control.



Alchemists use cauldrons, distillers, and mortar and pestle. These tools are used with various ingredients that have magic with in. These tools can be bought at various stores along with ingredients which can also be found by gathering and hunting.


In addition to the tools, ingredients come in the form of various plants and animal parts.


Alchemists usually work in labs that are within workshops or universities. Although some alchemists do fieldwork where they have partible labs.

Provided Services

Alchemists create potions, poisons, and various explosives. Although not all alchemists do all of the services.

Dangers & Hazards

When working with explosives there always a chance that the alchemist that is working with them does have the chance of being blown up.
Practicing alchemy is legal in all worlds except Earth because magic is illegal on the world.